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DPI Changer - No Root

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NeoZiggy, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. NeoZiggy

    NeoZiggy Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    DPI Changer - No Root
    Written by NeoZiggy
    DISCLAIMER: Do this at your own risk! I am not responsible for your actions!
    Risk of a brick: LOW

    What this is:
    This is a batch script that uses ADB (Android Device Bridge) that you can use to view your default DPI, view your current DPI, and change your DPI setting. Setting a lower DPI can give you more screen space by lowering the size of icons and text. It is recommended by a lot of Android users for better viewing especially if your device has a larger screen.

    What you need:

    The Android device drivers for your device.
    USB Debugging Enabled in your device settings.

    If Settings or UI force closes repeatedly after setting a DPI change it to something else or back to default. Do not reboot because you will not be able to change it later. The security dialog box to allow access to your PC will not be shown and you will need to perform a factory reset.

    Q: Will this void my warranty?
    A: Let's just say yes. However, the change can be reverted by re-running the script or performing a factory reset.

    Q: Why would I want to change my DPI?
    A: Because on larger screens everything is stretched bigger instead of using the space to fit more information. Google it!

    Q: Will this work on my device running Android version....?
    A: Yes! This should work on any device running Android 4.0+. Worked for me on 6.0.

    Q: How do I turn on USB Debugging?
    A: Go in to Settings > Developer Options. You may have to enable the Developer Options menu by going to Settings > About Device > Software Info. Then p
    ress Build Number 7 times fast til a toast pops up telling you that you've enabled developers options. If that doesn't work Google how to do it for your device.

    Q: How do I find my device's drivers?
    A: Check their website, do a Google search, or search XDA.

    Q: My Messaging, Phone, or Contacts, crash
    A: Try a different DPI setting. If it's just Messaging try AOSP Messaging. You can also try replacing Phone and Contacts.

    Q: Settings or UI Force Closes?
    A: Do not use a DPI setting where Settings or UI FCs because you will not be able to connect to your PC after you reset your device (you will not be able to click Allow on the security dialog box).

    Q: Why doesn't my favorite game or app work?
    A: It may not work at your current DPI. Try clearing its data and cache then rebooting. Change the DPI or go back to default.

    Q: How do I go back to my default DPI?
    A: Run the script, view DPI settings, then change it back to the Physical density.


    Install drivers for your device.
    Extract the files from the ZIP.
    Put device in USB Debugging mode.
    Run DPIchanger.bat
    View your default DPI so you can undo changes.
    Set a new DPI (lower is better... try 20 or 40 lower).
    Reboot device when done, this can be done from within script.

    Version: 1.0
    API level: 14+
    Updated: January 30th, 2016
    File size: 465kb

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  2. NeoZiggy

    NeoZiggy Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    #2 NeoZiggy, Jan 30, 2016
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  3. NeoZiggy

    NeoZiggy Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I just bought this phone from Boost because I lost my LG Volt (cm12.1). I upgraded to Android 6.0 and couldn't stand the large DPI. Without root I used ADB to change my DPI to 280 (I tried 260 but Phone and Settings would crash).

    The default Messaging app FCs (but I could reply by pressing the notification) so I installed AOSP Messaging and it works great. Everything else works with the DPI at 280.

    I took the simple ADB command and added it to a batch (.bat) file with a menu for others who might not be that experienced. You can type in a DPI to apply it, view your default DPI (even once changed) and reboot your device after choosing a DPI.
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  4. tmak0688

    tmak0688 Lurker

    How do you run the dpi.bat?
  5. Marty_Since87

    Marty_Since87 Android Expert

    The lowest you can put the DPI is 270.
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  6. horsecharles

    horsecharles Android Expert

    Did you try 260-something?
  7. Marty_Since87

    Marty_Since87 Android Expert

    Not at all, I just left it at 270 I didn't want to risk anything.
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  8. NeoZiggy

    NeoZiggy Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You should be able to run it from the folder you extracted it to. Perhaps right-click and select "run as administrator".

    This is for a PC running Windows XP or newer.
  9. NeoZiggy

    NeoZiggy Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I think settings kept FCing at 260. I didn't try 270 but I will.

    I was thinking of trying to change the actual resolution since our GPU can handle 1080p from what I've read. People with a G4 (i think) lowered their resolution for better game FPS but i don't play games and would rather a crisper screen. I'm not sure if the LCD itself can handle a higher res though.
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  10. NeoZiggy

    NeoZiggy Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So I successfully changed the resolution to 1080p. It worked pretty good, I didn't notice much of a slowdown. I needed to raise the DPI of course.

    When you go to Settings it looks like a tab's layout with the list and options side by side (dual-pane). I couldn't take a screenshot though, a toast message popup up saying it can't.

    The only issue was the recent/menu softkey was not registering my touch easily.

    If you want to try this:
    Code (Text):
    1. adb shell wm size 1080x1920
    2. adb shell wm density 320
    Then to change back:
    Code (Text):
    1. adb shell wm size reset
    2. adb shell wm density 270
    ..or whatever DPI you had.

    CAUTION: It's safe to say that doing this puts more stress on the GPU and could overheat the device.
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  11. Marty_Since87

    Marty_Since87 Android Expert

    So far dpi 265 isnt doing any harm.
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  12. Blu8

    Blu8 Android Expert

    Going to 260 or lower makes the settings apps and other stuff force close I believe
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  13. NeoZiggy

    NeoZiggy Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, i set mine down to 270.... before I bricked it trying supersu... :/
  14. Blu8

    Blu8 Android Expert

    Man that sucks, you have Boost huh?
    The lowest I've set it to is 280 and it's pretty neat, stock dpi looks so weird now lol
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  15. NeoZiggy

    NeoZiggy Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I know what you mean, the first thing I do to my phones is change the DPI. Then when I see it normal again I don't know how anyone could like it that large or why manufacturers make it that big. I also set my font size from the default 'medium' to small. I think the combination of both really even things out. No one holds the phone arm's length from their face.... lol.
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