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DR Fone has put my Galaxy S7 into loop logo mode

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by AlexSpect, May 24, 2019.

  1. AlexSpect

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    Hi, I have allowed a debug mode on my Galaxy S7 in order to let Dr.Fone software to try to recover my whatsapp chats, because for some reason on my new Galaxy S9 phone it was impossible to get them restored from google drive as i had an error "Couldn't restore your messages. Please check your Internet connection".
    So i connected my Galaxy S7 to pc and recovering via Dr.Fone instead of it rebooted my phone put int some wierd loop with the "Samsung" logo mode the only thing i can go from there its recovery mode. And Dr.fone didn't find or recovered anything, neither it has an option to unplug my phone. I guess you have to pay for it. It just so bad, cause i have a lot valuable info on my old phone.
    What can I do in order to exit this loop logo mode?


  2. mikedt

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    FYI DrFone by Wondershare is a rather nasty piece of software from China. I suspect it may have attempted to root, and has damaged or corrupted the Galaxy S7 firmware, and that's why it's in a boot-loop. We've had many similar reports about it before.

    You'll probably need to re-flash it. Sammobile.com should have the correct ROM and instructions.
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  3. svim

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    If you had correctly set up a backup solution for WhatsApp previously and then later inadvertently deleted something, you should have restored the missing chats/messages from your backups, not using dodgy apps like Dr. Fone

    As for the booting problem, there a few things you can try but it sounds like the Android install itself is corrupted. Anyway,
    -- Try starting up in your phone's Safe Mode:
    When your phone is running in Safe Mode, it's just the Android operating system and no third-party apps/services get pre-loaded during the start up process. If your phone is able to boot up and run in Safe Mode, you at least know some app you've installed previously is causing the boot loop. The task now is to figure out just which one.

    -- Try installing Samsung's Smart Switch utility:
    and see if you can restore your S7 into working condition again.

    -- the previous two suggestions aren't likely to fix things but worth trying first. When something damages the installed Android operating system to the point where a device won't boot up normally it will typically just boot up into its Download Mode, or in your case, repeatedly just keep rebooting itself. At that point you need to flash a stock ROM to restore the Android OS. With Samsung devices this can often be done using Odin, a Windows utility. Using the Odin utility you 'should' be able to just flash the ROM without also wiping away your saved data, But flashing a ROM is something of a serious endeavor so there's no guarantee.
    Go here to download the appropriate ROM for your S7. Be sure to select the correct one and don't substitute, it needs to match your phone model and your carrier:
    Updato is a good source for verified, stock, Samsung ROMs.
    Go here for detailed instructions on how to do the flashing process:
    One step you can skip is loading the Samsung driver. During the Smart Switch install it also installs the latest Samsung driver. Don't experiment setting up the Odin utility, follow the directions.
    If everything works out your phone should be restored to working condition again. Hopefully there were no internal storage issues during the flashing process and your saved data will still be there. Just note the operating system itself is essentially a clean install so you're probably going to need to do through the same initial setup and authentication process you did for a lot of things when you first setup your S7. (Also, any OTA updates/upgrades you received previously will need to be re-applied.)
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