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Drag Racing

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Mantej, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. mmorpheus1

    mmorpheus1 Newbie

    I used titanium backup pro , install it and copy back up folder from your old phone ,just restore the app and data to your new phone ;)

  2. Zrokced

    Zrokced Lurker

    What is the link to their facebook stuff
  3. Rawster

    Rawster Lurker

    I will:D
  4. Health Hazard

    Health Hazard Newbie

    Final driver is the way that everything redlines and helps increase your top speed. If you tune it right you can usually squeese another 2mph out of it. when your car hits its last gear the redline will start bouncing. you want it to not bouce or only bounce once. hope this helps.
  5. Rawster

    Rawster Lurker

    hello maybe someone can help me,,

    iam on 4600 rank, but i can't get that lovely 5000 rank

    how to drive 15,5** with the honda S2000 on 1/2mile?

  6. Zrokced

    Zrokced Lurker

    what are good cars for lvls 8 and 9? I bought the Henn Ven, should i sell and get another car, and get that one later? Or should i keep and slowly upgrade it? Help please?
  7. Zrokced

    Zrokced Lurker

    Okay guys, please help! I'm stuck, I am doing the level 7 pro league and i can't stay below the 12.43x's... Can anyone help me, I'm stuck at 4000 and can't get higher. So please help!! Message me, or post for assistance please?
  8. KrazeeCracker

    KrazeeCracker Android Enthusiast

  9. MadDog_zg

    MadDog_zg Lurker


    I have a problem and it annoying me. When I race in Pro league 80% of the race I've get message under the score ''timed out'' and I don't know why?!? The time for 1/2 mile of my car is about e.g. 20,750 and times that are shown from other players are from e.g. 20,225 till 22,750.

    please explain me term ''timed out''
  10. Health Hazard

    Health Hazard Newbie

    MadDog_zg - what service provider are you using and type of phone? I have this problem alot with my mytouch 3g with t-mobile "which i cant wait for my Bionic with Verizon". i have to use edge more times than 3g which is just irritating! well enough venting here lol, i would say thats the main reason your getting the timed out. I switch to my wireless and it never times out.
  11. MadDog_zg

    MadDog_zg Lurker

    Phone: HTC Wildfire
    I play trough my wireless :(
  12. awd250

    awd250 Newbie

  13. KrazeeCracker

    KrazeeCracker Android Enthusiast

    No, im charging $1.50 which is half of my competitors.
  14. grouchomarx

    grouchomarx Lurker

    anyone has a tune for the Veyron SS, mine SUCKS!!
  15. MadDog_zg

    MadDog_zg Lurker

    Anyone?! Please
  16. stiehler

    stiehler Lurker

  17. weaselaow

    weaselaow Member

  18. strodda

    strodda Android Enthusiast

    For those of you that still race with slower cars, like I do, what are your fastest times with a level3 car?

    I just happen to like racing with the s2000, so im maxed out at level3. I play random races online, and I can't seem to get beat. Im hoping to lose so it'll give me incentive to tune more.

    In the 1/4, I get 10.335. I forget what my 1/2mi is, ill get back on that.

    Ok, 1/2mi time is 15.705.
  19. crazijokerx3

    crazijokerx3 Lurker

    Hey I really need a level 9 setup for my ferrari fxx I can't waste da rps I gt it takes for ever to get em thanks
  20. Viitamin

    Viitamin Lurker

    Hello fellas,
    I have a ZTE Blade with android 2.2 and have some issues with Dragracing.
    I have some lags when playing the game, does anyone know if it's possible to solve it and how to solve it ?

  21. Iceman11375

    Iceman11375 Lurker

    New member here, just got this game the other day and I'm LOVING IT!! I'm mainly messing around in the level 1 and level 2 cars tweaking and tuning. dunno how many of you left mess around in the low levels but look forward to seeing you in the Pro league and swapping tuning info on lower level cars
  22. !-Psychild-!

    !-Psychild-! Lurker

    Waddup everybody!!?!? So I decided a couple of weeks ago, while this thread was only 2 pages long, to open up a Drag Racing Forum specifically for set-ups. I've been working on some Level1 cars and have some (1/4)10.80x set-ups for the S2000, and some other above average set-ups. It'd be great if you guys came over and helped put some set-ups together! Hopefully we can get a decent sized community together who loves to help each other and share fast set-ups!

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  23. awd250

    awd250 Newbie

    great set up but you forgot the 9FF GT9-R
  24. ST0RM

    ST0RM Lurker

    Could anyone suggest a good tune for the SSC Ultimate and the Ferrari FXX both LVL10 cars

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