Root dre beats audio utility crashes phone

Hi everyone. Been checking this forum out for a while. I recently rooted my sequent and loaded the stable clockworkmod. Everything was a success. After some minor tweaks I installed the beats by dream audio for root users. Install was complete. After reboot I lost all carrier service. No phone, no 3g, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth nothing. Flashing recovery was unsuccessful. Needless to say I was eligible to exchange. This is the 4th android device I've rooted in the past 4 years so its not my first rodeo. I'm hesitant on rooting the new phone. Anyways be warned.


Android Expert
yea that program is known for screwing up phones. and make sure you have updated the cwm since yesterday, the original version of my beta and the old sebastian404 version both had a bug that didnt back up or restore the data partition. so if you install something on there that messes with your phone and then restore a backup it still wont be gone. the new one hasnt been found to contain any bugs yet


I ran into this as well. used zte update tool...failed! Ran root script then update tool...BAZINGA!!! SUCESS
also faster than shipping one. Hope this helps someone. STAY AWAY FROM BEATS!!!