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So it looks like the advantages they're going to use to sell the Droid 2 will be-
- Froyo right from the get-go
- Physical keypad (arguable and subjective whether it's better)
- more memory

Other than that, the Droid X seems to have some clear benefits. For me, the Droid X will probably sell me on its huge screen. It will eventually get Froyo (when dunno). And i like that it can record HD and plug into a HDMI port. Camera seems to be better. They give you more storage with the X as well...

I was kind of looking forward to Droid 2, but i think i'll settle with Droid X. I don't care for the keypad, and am satisfied with a larger touch screen. Froyo is the biggest loss, but homefully it will be out soon on the X.


In that case, then the ONLY advantage is Froyo from the get-go (which won't be an advantage long) and the keyboard (which in my case isn't an advantage considering i love the touch screen keypad and dislike the physical one).


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The physical keyboard on the original Droid was a pain to have to slide it open and closed every time. I never used it as it only amounted to extra unnecessary weight.

Swype, is the way to go for all touchscreens.


I think the droid x is the better phone. I own the droid x of course though. I used to have a droid and now i prefer the touch screen over the physical keyboard. To the poster that said they would settle for the x. Trust me it wouldn't be settling the x is one bad ass phone.
I first had the original Droid, then "upgraded" to the Inc. The Inc was an upgrade in terms of performance and features but the battery life and call quality were definitely poorer than the Droid.

I now have an X and love it. It is the phone I want. Call quality, features, screen, decent battery life, and swype (I never used physical keyboard on original Droid).

This one is the keeper.

hahaha what

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droid 2 is for people who still cling to their prehistoric physical keyboard tech. i wonder if they get 3g in the stone age