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I am looking to get the Official Motorola Extended battery for my Droid 2 (Not Global) and was wondering if it was going to make the back of my phone bigger or would it just fit fine and be as smooth as the stock battery?

Only reason I ask is because I don't want a giant tumor on the back of my device.

Thank you!



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It's def thicker than the thickness of a quarter, which is about .06 inches thick.

I don't know what battery you're talking about... I've got mine in right now, with the replacement battery door.

If I lay the phone flat on its back, so that the battery door is on the table, and slide a quarter underneath the gap between the camera section of the phone and the table, the phone raises up. Which means the battery is LESS than the thickness of a quarter.


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I just got the extended battery made by motorola...hopefully that's what you're talking about...if it is, can you tell me a little about it? Does it work pretty well? was it worth the buy for you?

I got it for a discounted price of 40 bucks, which I didn't think was all that bad..

Also, will my same case fit with it, or do I need to either ditch a case or get a different one?

Thanks for the info again


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That'll tell you everything you need to know about the extended battery.

To use a case, you generally need to leave the battery door off, as the new battery ends roughly where the old battery door did. I did this for months, and never had any problems. The battery is tight enough that nothing gets in the phone, and it can't fall out. (I work construction, my stuff gets dirty, but I never found dirt inside my phone)


OK. I bought the BP7X extended Motorola battery for my D2.

The stock door doesn't cover it, even if I peel off the padding under the door. I prefer to leave my phone "naked" so that I can use my multimedia docks (home and office) and face-in Seido holster.

Any info on a door that will cover the new battery?