Help Droid 2 Global Software Rollback


Hey guys,

I have a droid charge for verizon. the battery life was getting pretty ridiculous so i switched to my girlfriend's extra droid 2 global.
the droid was in perfect condition, until it had to do an over-the air software update.. causing it to not work right. the camera didnt work and it would not read the sd card.. or the backlight on the keyboard didnt light up, which makes texting at night very difficult. note - these things worked before the phone was updated.

verizon sent me a refurb droid 2 global, and while i was activating it, i noticed that the speaker to hear the voice on a phone call was very low, almost not on with the volume turned up full for a call. after another call to verizon, they are sending me a droid x2.

1) is the x2 a good phone? im losing the 4g speed from my charge, but the charge sucks.. and im losing the keyboard from the droid 2 global.
2) i get to keep one of the droid 2 globals, im going to return the one that doesnt make phone calls well, and is there a way to somehow "roll back" the software? the phone worked well when before it updated, i wanna try and go back to the older software. right now the droid 2 is running 2.3.4