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Droid 2 or Droid X?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by dowtie, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. dowtie

    dowtie Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Which one do you guys think is the better phone? My sister has decided to make the leap to an android phone and I'm having trouble telling her which one to get. I have the original droid and have had it since launch and I love it and while I haven't used either of these newer models they seem solid.

    The only real differences I can see is the droid x has a big screen and better camera and the droid 2 has a keyboard. Is there anything else that really separates them? If you guys had to choose, which would you go with?

  2. Steven58


    I love the X.
  3. Super_Six_Two

    Super_Six_Two Android Enthusiast

    I just picked up the Droid 2, the main reason being the keyboard. That is the biggest difference as far as i am concerned. So figure out what is more important, the larger screen or the physical keyboard.
  4. chikilindroid

    chikilindroid Lurker

    That's true about the big screen or keyboard. But i go for the big X
  5. MassacrMan

    MassacrMan Android Enthusiast

    I'd go for the X also, but I personally do not like physical keyboards.
  6. substring

    substring Android Enthusiast

    I have been using smartphones for 10 years and many of the early models have physical keyboards (e.g. XV6700 and XV6800). But ever since I got the Storm, I am used to on-screen keyboard and there is no going back for me. :D

    In this day and age, on-screen keyboard is so good and easy to use that there is really no reason to have a physical keyboard. But I understand that it is a learning curve that some people just cannot adapt to it....like those people with the traditional BlackBerry devices.

    If I have to choose between the X and the D2, I will take the X because of the absence of the hardware keyboard. :D
  7. Droid X *Drools over big screen*
  8. marefin

    marefin Android Enthusiast

    I don't have the Droid X (Samsung Captivate). But I WISH I could've gotten the Droid X. I love my Captivate, but I've used the Droid X slightly and I loved it. Everything from the screen size to the set up of everything. If I had the option of leaving AT&T I would've gotten the X no questions asked.
  9. CKwik240

    CKwik240 Well-Known Member

    Perhaps she should go and try the phones out at a local Verizon Store for herself. Many of the differences in the phones end up suiting to personal needs and tastes of individual buyers. Ultimately, it would be her phone and would suck if she left it up to you and it wasn't the best choice for her...
  10. bjb.butler

    bjb.butler Lurker

    I personally have an Evo 4G, but I would much rather have a Droid 2 in all honesty. I love the size & form factor. I know many of you are thinking that I should just get the Epic 4G, but:

    - I think it's ugly
    - I'm not a fan of samsung
    - I don't like TouchWiz
  11. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    Unless the 2 has Diversity Antennas too, I would get the X. It has better reception than my Droid 1, which had great reception. I dont know if they even did any upgrades to the D2 antenna.

    Feature wise the X has an advantage.

    If a hardware keyboard is a must, then she knows what to pick...lol

    The X is a big phone tho....its not a problem for most ppl, including me...and after using it it doesnt seem real big, and I still have my Droid 1 to compare it too. But u hear here n there its too big.
  12. diornotwar

    diornotwar Lurker

    Droid X vs. Droid Incredible vs. Droid 2

    ^ I found this article helpful when pondering the same thing. I ended up going for the X, however it IS much larger, and quite awkward in my pocket. I miss not having a physical keyboard, as well. However the screen is amazing as far as surfing the net and apps...so its kind of a trade-off, in my opinion.
  13. marefin

    marefin Android Enthusiast

    I completely agree with you. Personally I hate physical keyboards on phones now. I think it's just awkward and I just can't seem to use it. But then you have others who can't live without it. So it all comes down to the person buying the phone. If you don't want the physical keyboard and want a bigger screen Droid X is the way to go, otherwise Droid 2.
  14. milk lizard

    milk lizard Lurker

    I've used the Droid1 for 9 months now and the ONLY time I found the physical keyboard useful was for:

    1) phonemypc, a remote pc app - when you're browsing your pc's desktop from your phone, you tend to want a little more screen real estate

    2) a super nintendo emulator.

    But honestly she should just go to the Verizon store and play with some phones.
  15. ItzTaylorJ

    ItzTaylorJ Newbie

    The Droid 2 is an almost fail considering the fact the the motorola skin is complete trash. I would honestly rather have an original droid with 2.2 than the Droid 2. The whole point was that the droid had stock android on it. The is X is much smoother with this skin on it so i would have to say the droid X.
  16. Bluestreak

    Bluestreak Lurker

    The Droid2 is a complete fail.
    Just returned mine, and went back to my iPhone.
  17. Had the D1 because I thought I needed the physical keyboard when I moved over from my Omnia.

    Loved the D1. NEVER used the keyboard because the on-screen keyboard is so good.

    Now have the DX... LOVE IT!!!

    SWYPE kicks ass!!
  18. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    Damn, that was my exact same reason for getting the Droid 1...lol And the same thing happened to me, I barely used the keyboard.
  19. substring

    substring Android Enthusiast

    Hardware keyboard is "old school". Software keyboard is the way of the future. :D
  20. lakai113

    lakai113 Well-Known Member

    i been using text to speech for texting.. works pretty damn good so who needs a key board..
  21. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Android Enthusiast

    Guess you are on the wrong site then.
  22. Jedii

    Jedii Android Expert

    Sniff sniff.....i smell a troll.......
  23. Lord Qwerty

    Lord Qwerty Lurker

    I'd go for the one with the bigger screen, since on screen android keyboards work just fine, and a big screen is nice for web browsing etc.:D
  24. Bluestreak

    Bluestreak Lurker

    Nope, not trolling.
    I really REALLY wanted to like my D2, but everything I tried to use it for failed miserably.
    I might still try out a DX eventually, but the levels of fail from the D2 left me a bit hesitant.
  25. substring

    substring Android Enthusiast

    Can you elaborate on how the D2 failed you? It will be great if you can provide examples and details.

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