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droid 3 issues

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by mhfromoc, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. mhfromoc

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    Hi all,
    So I started out with a droid pro which froze then went to an inredible2, hated the vitual key boards and would shut off, then to a droid 3. Loved the droid3 but then I started losing service...no tower connection. Went to tech support 3 times and I was advised it was a manufacture defect. I exchanged for another droid3 which worked great initially, then began to lose service again. Also, my txts were bouncing back to me. Loss of service happened at different times when I was on or off the phone. Finally verizon said to just pick another phone and they will exchange it. They said it was a defect so does this mean all their phones are defective?:D:mad::mad:

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  2. El Presidente

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  3. scary alien

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    Welcome to the AndroidForums, mhfromoc.

    Not sure what is going on there...you might want to monitor what your signal strength value is (Settings -> About phone -> Status -> Signal strength). Lower numbers are better and indicate a better signal strength. I get an -81 dBm in my basement (on my Droid X which is known for an excellent cell radio) which is pretty decent. Anything up to about -90 seems to work okay, but I would think the cell radio is having to work harder in this case.

    If your signal strength is really bad, maybe you could talk to VZW about a signal booster (if that is indeed your issue)...just a thought.

    Good luck and glad you signed-up with us here at AF!

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