Root Droid 3 Nandroid (when available) question


When a recovery is available and it is possible to do nandroid backups, is it possible to restore a nandroid from one phone on another? My wife and I both have Droid 3's and Im just curious if I can nandroid hers and restore on mine. The reason I ask is because I uninstalled a lot of apps instead of freezing and now Im hearing that OTA updates wont go through. Just curious if this is a work around when its available. Thanks.


Learn to use ADB, pull the apps from her phone (it copies from the phone to the PC), then push those apps to your phone from the PC. Make sure to change permissions on those files and copy both the .apk and the .odex files.

If an alternate recovery is installed (once we have one) probably won't get the OTA updates either. Much easier to just learn enough to use ADB.

Or use Root Explorer and mount /system/app as Read/Write, paste the files there and then edit their permissions. Something like that. Copy the files to an SDCard in her phone, put it in your phone and then copy them to the appropriate locations.