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DROID Bionic And Accessory Bundle Costco Discussion Thread (Including Q&A from YankeeDudeL)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Preach2k, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. wepagirl

    wepagirl Lurker

    I'm not happy with the quality of the pics either and this is a big deal for me because i use the camera a lot. Another annoying thing, the speaker is in the back of the phone so sound is blocked while laying down. There is even
    a little sticker that basically says don't block the speaker. Kinda hard to do
    when it's located back there. I don't see how they thought a speaker in the
    back would be a smart idea,:rolleyes: Unfortunately, I don't think i will keep
    the phone :(

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  2. UncleMike

    UncleMike Android Expert

    I think what you're referring to (with the "do not block" sticker) is the microphone near the camera. It's used for recording audio with your video, and I suspect noise cancellation.

    Having the speaker on the back is nothing new (for me, at least), but it's toward the bottom of the phone.
  3. wepagirl

    wepagirl Lurker

    Right, both the speaker and microphone are on the back. My old blackberry and i noticed the iphone both have speaker and microphone on the side. The sound on my blackberry was much louder. But the camera is the biggest issue for me.
  4. Yankee - none of the stores around me received any Bionics Today (Monday).

    Thought I had read today would be a normal supply?
    Any insight?
  5. Nissan1973

    Nissan1973 Member

    I'm losing faith in Costco =(

    The only day the mine had them in was on Thursday, I've called them every morning and I get the same thing, we don't have any or we should be getting some tomorrow or we don't know when we are getting any in.

    How come I can't find the Costco deal online?
  6. The online deal is still sold out - heard it would be back later this week from them.

    I was getting the same answers - but found out from asking more details questions after 11:30/12ish that they did get them in - but were gone instantly.
  7. Brewtus37

    Brewtus37 Newbie

    I just ordered the Bionic from Costco.com. Then called and told them to keep me on the unlimited plan. Also, again verified that the bundle is the same. In fact, the Bionic page on Costco.com now has images of the extra goodies.

    YankeeDudeL... got a question. Is there any way I can verify that they correctly kept me on the unlimited plan? I would just hate to lose that. Would appreciate any insight you have.
  8. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    I'm not sure how it's working with stores in other districts and regions (though it's been about the same for most of us), but we were hoping to get another shipment today. We didn't. Our normal day to get phones is Wednesdays (and sometimes Thursdays), and I'm told the high demand set this back. However, I know our DM is pushing to get 20-25 in each store in our district later this week. That's not a guarantee, but it's what he's pushing for.

    Also, this was rather experimental. This was the highest price point Costco has ever had on a phone, so they were kind of testing the waters with our typical clientele who come to Costco to purchase a phone because of the affordability and value. This amazing deal has exceeded expectations, and in order to meet everyone's needs a little time was necessary to ensure we can provide all of our patrons past, present, and future can get this same great value.

    I understand, it's tough knowing what you want is out there, but the deal you're looking for is scarce. As I explained above, we should get another shipment in on Wednesday. I sympathize with your plight, but highly recommend the patience. I believe that waiting a week for the right deal is going to be paid for in the two years you'll get out of your Bionic with all the accessories. :)

    Make sure to call your local Costco on Wednesday. Tell em Yankee sent ya. Ha!

    Without being in store, a WSE cannot pull up your account. However, a Verizon rep can. So you can always call 611 on your Verizon phone to affirm your account information. You might not have purchased the phone through a corporate store, but you're still a Verizon customer and are privy to all the benefits every Verizon customer is. :cool:

    Also, there was a question about the return policy when purchasing a phone from the Costco website. I confirmed this with my KM today, those of you who bought the Bionic on the website can return the phone in-store. Just make sure you have all your accessories and the receipt. :)
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  9. Yankee: Thank you for all your help. One final question:

    If there are any problems with the phone - my assumption is that we would have to deal with costco for the first 90 days - correct? (ie. if a Verizon store/tech support/etc. were to replace the phone - and later we needed to exchange at Costco or God forbid return - assuming that would be problematic due to serial number mismatch???)
  10. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    You're quite welcome, and I hope this isn't the final question. We're not exploring the full potential of these phones if there aren't any questions left. ;)

    Affirmative. If there's a problem with your device you can take it to a VZW corporate store and have a tech look at it. Just do not exchange the phone there or have them send you a new one because that is no longer the device you purchased from us, and we can therefore no longer exchange it. As you correctly pointed out, the serial number will be different from the one attached to the sale.

    So feel free to take the phone to a tech to see if they can solve your problem without the hassle of exchanging a phone. But if it comes to that, bring it to us, this way you KNOW you're getting a brand new device and not a refurb. Just another benefit of purchasing your device through Costco. :cool:
  11. rbot

    rbot Lurker

    Hello everybody. I was very thankful to find this thread yesterday.:)

    Yankee, thanks for all your insight. Of course, another question. I've learned that the phones are sent in to Costco by FedEx. Are they delivered more than once a day? What time of day or they delivered? If they didn't have them last night, will they have received them before the store opens this morning?:thinking:

    I've been chasing a local store too for the past week.:(

    Gotta run, it's 9:10 and I'm still debating whether to call or take a ride. I look forward to your answer for later, or maybe I'll get lucky this morning!;)
  12. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    I'm glad you found this thread, too, and very glad to help. :)

    Under normal circumstances, we get our phones before the work day on Wednesday. Of course, this is not a normal launch and the demand is very high. We have received our Bionic shipments around lunch hours each time. I would imagine that we'll receive our next shipment before I get to work in the morning tomorrow, but I can't know that for sure. I recommend calling your local Costco tomorrow morning at around 10ish as they should have an idea of when the shipment is going to arrive if it hadn't already.
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  13. kchappelow

    kchappelow Lurker

    My standard dock does not charge either. I went to Costco and they took my number to exchange it whenever they get a return on the package. The rep said that is all they could do and suggested I call Motorola. Motorola said they don't have any in stock and to call back in 2 weeks!
  14. Theshape

    Theshape Well-Known Member

    NOV 6th 2009. Same day I got mine!
  15. SoDroid

    SoDroid Android Enthusiast

    I have 4 Costcos near me and I have been calling each of them daily for days trying to get my hands on this thing. 3 out of 4 are no longer putting people on the waitlist. Everyone I've spoken to seems to be pretty in the dark regarding new shipments, which I understand.

    My question is, has anyone else ordered the phone through Costco.com? I'm prepared to do this right now but don't want to wait two weeks. I'm pretty sure I can get it in the next 4 days if I keep calling. My plan is to do the 2-day express shipping, but I've heard someone else other than Kath00 report similar news regarding long delivery times.

    Whats up Yankee, I've been absent for a while but this Bionic may make me a regular again!
  16. mallinj

    mallinj Well-Known Member

    Costco's deal might sound too good to be true because it is for most of us. Allow me to explain.

    Local Costco in metro Detroit sold out of Bionics in a couple of hours at launch. Promised 15 more at every local store this week, Mon or Tues. No rainchecks. I went on Mon. Didn't come. Called this morning. They have been updated that they will receive exactly 3 per store sometime this week. Again, no rainchecks. There are twelve people on some kind of list to be called when the phones arrive but they will not hold phones for anyone.

    Wireless Advocates is a the Washington-based vendor that sells phones at Costco. Sounds like a crappy way to draw people to their booth. Bait and switch? (I can hear it now.. "...but we do have plenty of thunderbolts on hand....") :)
  17. Theshape

    Theshape Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that. I know here locally(socal) that the three costco's arojnd me have been getting shipments in around 12noon everyday or every other day. Dont know if its a regional thing. But look on the bright side, the Lions are undefeated!
  18. bigbabys

    bigbabys Android Enthusiast

    I ordered mine on th 8th. Today came around and I still hadn't recieved shipping information so I called. They told me they had some sort of shipping hold up due to the large quantity of Bionics ordered but I was assured my phone would ship today. Still waiting on that.
  19. mallinj

    mallinj Well-Known Member

    How did you "order" one from the Costco kiosks? They won't accept orders.
  20. bigbabys

    bigbabys Android Enthusiast

    From Costco.com, I was quoting the previous poster who asked if anyone ordered.

    Update though: Online my order process changed from Processing to Packing. So maybe it will actually ship today.
  21. rbot

    rbot Lurker

    I went into my local Costco today. They had no Bionics. I spent some time hanging around chatting with the wireless guy. Interestingly, but logically really not surprisingly, they were told that if people came in for the Bionic and they had none in stock to try to sell them other phones. It makes sense if you have a customer in front of you to try to make a sale.

    On the other hand, it does feel a little like bait and switch
  22. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    Just chilling homey, how you doing SoDroid? Glad to see we got ya back. If you've been waiting for a great device, the Bionic is def it. Not that there aren't other great ones already out and coming, but if you need something now like I did, it's a welcomed member of the family.

    I truly have no idea how long the website is taking to ship. I'm sure they're on as short a supply as we are, though. I don't think it was anticipated how well received this deal was going to be. But I do know that this deal isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Patience is a virtue well rewarded.

    I can def understand the frustration. When such a good deal presents itself, everyone wants in. Unfortunately everyone is vying for a product that is currently limited. As far as I can tell, most if not all Costcos only received six units in. Costco sells phones at better prices and with more incentives than other retailers, and our customers are very accustomed to this. It was unknown how well received this deal, Costco's highest price point phone to date, was going to be. They didn't want to order 20,000 units only to sell half of them.

    We've gotten multiple shipments and have sold out each time. We're hoping to get an awful lot more come Thursday, but there is no guarantee. Hope to know more when I work tomorrow. Fear not, this deal isn't going anywhere just yet. Just keep up to date with your local Costco or online. A couple weeks is worth the wait for a great deal on a phone and accessories that will be yours for the next 20 months minimum.

    And while I can see why there would be skepticism regarding anyone in sales, I can assure you our company doesn't push anyone to sell a device that a customer doesn't want or need. While our company doesn't, I can't speak for what happens at every kiosk. I know that at ours, we all feel the same way. That is to stand behind the name Wireless Advocates. We're not just someone behind a counter selling you a phone, we're here to help you evaluate your wants and needs, find the most comfortable plans, and ensure that the next 24 months of your contract are the best experience you've gotten from a mobile device and transaction (that is, until you come see us next time :)). I'm proud to be a part of this team and very much look forward to hearing back after you've experienced us for yourself.

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  23. shankomatic

    shankomatic Lurker

    Just an FYI, I know the Roseville store and Madison Height store have been very helpful. He called me as soon as they came in and I got it within an hour. Also the Madison Heights store called me the very next day (2 day two) and said they got another shipment and one available. You might want to try these stores. (Paul at Roseville was very helpful)
  24. murraj2

    murraj2 Newbie

    Called my local Costco today, they didn't get in any Bionics today again. Haven't had any since launch day. Worth the wait, but the lack of information is at least a bit frustrating.
  25. Clearwater & Brandon said none today - both are expecting 3 either Thursday or Friday

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