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DROID BIONIC Defender Series Case

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Cobb, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Cobb

    Cobb Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Anyone have it for their phone? Seems like a solid case and I might buy it despite the high price.

    This is my first Droid phone. I previously had a Blackberry Curve 8310 for five years and am new to the Droid phones.

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  2. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Android Expert

    I had one and returned it. Too bulky and didnt fit great. Tried another one in the store and it didnt fit well either. I have a 2 piece case anf a screen protector. Very happy with my combo.
  3. Cobb

    Cobb Lurker
    Thread Starter


    Anyone else tried it? I mainly wanted to get it because it had the screen protector thing included in the case or whatever.
  4. seals97

    seals97 Lurker

    I'm waiting for trident to make a krakken case for it. I don't like otterbox anymore because you can't really buy parts if you need them and trident always has different colors too.
  5. BabyDoc

    BabyDoc Member

    Outer Box has great customer support. If anything wears out or breaks, all you have to do is call them and they will send you the part(s) you need. There is no hastle about it. There is no additional cost to you.

    I don't have a an Outer Box case for a Bionic. It's hard to imagine it doesn't fit the Bionic well. I have one for my Droid X2 and it is fantastic.
    It's not a case for everyone, but if you are tough on your phone, it is one of the only cases out there that won't split apart (thanks to the outer silicone case) if you drop your phone.

    The only down side of the Outer Box case I have found is the screen protector. While it doesn't decrease the screen sensitivity, the frame of the inner hard case does cover a bit of the black border of the screen.
    If you use the program "SwipePad", you might have a problem with all areas of the screen working being swipable. With the Droid X2 inside of an Outer Box case, I can only get the upper extreme corners to work with SwipePad. If you don't use this program, you'll have no problem. It would be interesting to see if the same problem exists with the Bionic. The screens are the same, but the fit of the case around the Bionic's screen might be different enough from the fit with Droiid X2, that there wouldn't be a problem with SwipePad.
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  6. poof101

    poof101 Newbie

    I just got one yesterday..cost me around $30 with my discount. I came to the Bionic from an X. I HATED the Otterbox for the X, i used it for a week and got a Seido Rugged Case. The Seido was much better. Seido hasnt released a case for the Bionic yet, so i gave Otterbox another try. The Defender case for the Bionic is MUCH better than the one they made for the X. Fits perfect, doesn't fell smushy when pressing the corners, and feels great in the hands. I know the other guy said his didn't fit well, but mine fits perfectly on my Bionic. The only complaint i have is the belt clip. This case is made to withstand anything, BUT Otterbox chooses to put a belt clip that can only fit a girly belt. The Seido Rugged case for the X had the perfect belt clip/holster. I wont be able to fit the Otterbox on my duty belt like me Seido. Overall, Otterbox did a good job with the Defender case this time around.
  7. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Android Expert

    YESS! Smushy on the corners...thats why I returned :(
  8. Cotton123

    Cotton123 Member

    It fits mine the way its supposed to. Just adds a whole lot of bulk to it and as mentioned, the belt clip could be more secure. It doubles as a kickstand which may be the reason for its size and fit. The only other thing I noticed was that they cut it really close to the charger input. If you drop your phone or work construction im sure its a great case. Seems like it'll take a bullet. Just a bit too much for me.
  9. multanii

    multanii Newbie

    I just got my otterbox commuter case for the bionic. I think it fits pretty well and should provide the protection I need.
  10. chile62

    chile62 Member

    I am really close to upgrading to the bionic. But with my job the defender case would be a must. Does the glossy screen protector effect how well you can see the screen outside? On my incredible there is cloth mesh in the defender case which fits over both speakers... Not on the case for my wife's incredible 2. Does the case for the bionic have such a mesh?
  11. like the wind

    like the wind Lurker

    It does not have the mesh, and also doesn't have a cover over the camera lens.

    I had an otterbox on my old blackberry pearl and it saved it literally dozens of times. Drops off of ladders, out of my truck, in piles of sawdust...after over two years of abuse the phone worked like a champ.

    I did not like the one for the Droid 1--it just was too tough a design with the slide out keyboard to protect though, in fairness.

    I got the defender for the bionic and apart from the bulky size, and yes it is huge with the case on, I like it a lot. I took the screen protector off and used a stick on one instead because it was a little less responsive through the otterbox s/p. It works better now. It is not dust-proof, but now that I work indoors it is plenty good. I feel very confident it would survive a drop getting out of the truck. I like it. There may be better looking cases, there may be less bulky cases, there may even be more protective cases that are dust-proof, but I can't imagine one that is all of the above.
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  12. chile62

    chile62 Member

    I was afraid of that. Sounds very similar to the design on my wife's case.

    I am a farmer, the defender case has saved my incredible countless times. I had the Seidio case first but it didn't offer the dust and splash protection that the defender did. Lol... Though I use their belt clip with the defender case. ;) And yes otterbox customer service is wonderful.

    I live a hundred miles from bb and won't have time to check out the bionic for a few weeks yet, so how well can you view the screen outside?
  13. chile62

    chile62 Member

    These cases look interesting, if they make one for the bionic I may just them a shot.
  14. zugzug81

    zugzug81 Newbie

    I had the case and returned it. My reason was the screen protector. To me it degrades the picture quality and the touch screen was not as responsive. I did feel the case was solid and did a good job protecting the phone.
  15. poof101

    poof101 Newbie

    UPDATE:After several drops, one of the corners is smushy and creaking. I've found that the interior hard case is pretty weak. The clips don't secure tightly anymore, so now when i put the cover over the hard case it squeaks when i press in that corner. I will be buying a Seido when they finally release. This case is not rugged enough for me.
  16. like the wind

    like the wind Lurker

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