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Droid Bionic Rebooting At Random

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nrock2256, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. nrock2256

    nrock2256 Lurker
    Thread Starter


    Well, i haven't gotten any responses form droidforums, so i'm reposting here. I seem to have a crippling issue here. Ever since I i first started the phone (which was today) It's been randomly rebooting. Even during the activation! I figured it was an issue with the stock rom, so I flashed kin3tx on it, still the same issues. It reboots when i plug the charger in (sometimes) when it's been in sleep for like 10 seconds, when i'm using it, just whenever the heck it feels like. This is a huge issue, and i really need it solved. Is there some sort of upgrade i can do? Or am I going to have to re flash the stock rom from the fastboot recovery, and take it to verizon? (which I don't want to to, for a number of reasons including the fact that i perfectly installed a screen protector) I really need some help guys. Anything you can tell me will be helpful. And don't tell me to google it, nothing is really pertaining to my exact issue. Thanks in advance!

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  2. Two things ...

    First ...

    All of your questions about root-ing and flash-ing should be posted in Bionic - All Things Root - Android Forums where there are a number of people who might be able to help.

    Second ...

    Your statement "It's been randomly rebooting. Even during the activation!" requires clarification. The activation should have occurred in the Verizon store and the device should never have been released to you if it was randomly re-booting. If this is the case, take it back and get it replaced.

    Perhaps you have a different definition of activation? If you are talking about YOUR setting up the device then I strongly recommend that you get the unmodified device running before you start modifying it.

    I suggest a week. Run it for three days with nothing added to it. Over the next few days slowly add apps of your choice. At the end of a week root it and start flashing.

    This approach establishes a baseline and allows you to detect problems along the way as they occur. Otherwise you end up with a stack of problems and have no way to know how to start attacking them.

    Good luck.

    ... Thom
  3. nrock2256

    nrock2256 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Well, the device was shipped to me, and i opened and activated it on christmas. After calling verizon's number for 4g activation on my home phoe, i started up the card with the sim card insode. It rebooted several times during the initial set up, and this was while it was running the stock rom. It still rebooted with a custom rom, and this is why I am here. This does not belong in all things root, because this is not a question about root. I am simply stating that I have installed a custom ROM, because some people may suggest that. But, The problem has been solved. I'm taking the device to verizon, and having them replace it with a new one.
  4. rdsok

    rdsok Android Enthusiast

    You need to restore it to the default ROM before you take it in then... otherwise they are likely to refuse to warranty it.

    IMO... it was foolish to root and change the ROM when you were having trouble from the start like you mentioned... Software can never correct a hardware issue.
  5. I disagree ... I had a loooooooooooooong post prior to this andrefrained from ever using the word foolish ... even once (LOL).

    I think an exchange makes total sense. From the sub-forum it appears that root-ing is no longer a no-no so maybe flashing again is unneeded?

    Here's my unasked for advice ... when dealing with software NEVER TRUST ANYONE ... make them prove themselves.

    ... Thom
  6. nrock2256

    nrock2256 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for your suggestions thom, but I just got my replacement. I headed over to the verizon store wiht it flashed back to stock, and they replaced it with a brand new phone. No issues so far :D they even gave me a new pack of screen protectors on the house!
  7. Great.

    Tell us how it works out.

    ... Thom
  8. rdsok

    rdsok Android Enthusiast

    The word "foolish" here was meant as "unwise".. and not derogatory in nature.

    The OP had obvious issues from the start and even before the device was fully activated, it was randomly rebooting for no reason... Flashing a rom and then to have it possibly reboot in the middle of the process to me is certainly unwise and chancing having a real "bricked" device in the real sense of the word by not being able to complete the flash.

    Now had the opposite been true... had the device been functioning just fine and then only after flashing a different rom.. then the device started the random reboots etc... Then in this situation a reflash would be the recommended action... But from the description, this wasn't the case, it started right away which is a sure sign the problem was hardware based... The OP did the correct thing in having the deviced exchanged... it was simply risky having flashed while the device was unstable to begin with.
  9. Interesting to me but maybe not to you ...
    I once supported the software side of a project that was based on minicomputers.

    When the contract was awarded, I visited the contractor's site and they were running every single minicomputer through a "burn in" test. No stress ... just run it like normal and have recording equipment connected.

    They would run it for (you guessed it) a week and if successful the unit would be staged for software installation and deployment.

    Well ... we all thought they were crazy. We had never heard of such a thing. Brand new computers. What a waste.

    The result there ...30% of the computers were returned to the manufacturer.

    No I will not tell you who. The project by the way was air traffic control.
    ... Thom
  10. nrock2256

    nrock2256 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Heh. Quite interesting. Guess it goes to show that these companies should put their hardware under more quality control so the end user doesn't have to do things like this. Anyways, the phone is amazing. No reboots, fully charged it and i'm loving it. Thanks for your help guys!
  11. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Burn in tests are great - if you can simulate a great majority of uses that the end user is going to put the device through. If those tests were on machines that were used for very specific tasks, it makes a huge difference when it is given to an end user to go home and use as he pleases.

    With our phones, there are so many different apps, plus adding in to the fact hat we have the ability to root, and thus do things like replace system software, hide it, render it (system software still) unusable, change other parts of the system, like fonts, banners, add system widgets, etc. that there is no way to perform a burn in test that will encompass all of these devices.

    And anyone who thinks that Motorola is not performing an extended series of tests on both the hardware as well as the software needs to check their premises, b/c they've just arrived at a contradiction.
  12. The suggestion was to go slow enough so you could actually react to a problem before adding a new one on top of it.

    The resolution was to take it back for a new device. It could have been taken back a lot sooner with a lot less work.

    A little slower was the suggestion ... nothing more.

    ... Thom

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