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Droid Bionic Speaker Rattle Issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Peltgrande, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. Peltgrande

    Peltgrande Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Got my Bionic- and I love it. But I am having major rattling/crackling noises coming from the earpiece speaker. I noticed it initially when listening to voicemail, but now has become worse/more evident even during phone conversations. (I think it has gotten a little worse, not just me being more cognizant of it.)

    I have been searching the forums and found various people mentioning it, but kind of random in different threads. I am wondering how many others are having this problem?

    It sounds like a crackling/rattling noise in when listening to any audio at medium to high volumes from the earpiece. I can't detect on speakerphone. Almost sounds like what a speaker sounds like when I think of a speaker being 'blown'.

    Is this something just some of us are having an issue with? Or just some of us NOTICING? Have any of you had this issue, returned the phone and got a new one that then DIDN'T have the problem?

    I am having some of the other bugs/issues too, primarily the 3G connectivity issue, but I accept some early bugs as an early adopter, and I anticipate those being worked out. But this speaker issue seems like a HARDWARE issue, and could be a deal breaker....on a phone I have been waiting for 9 months on...

    I would love to know anyone else's experiences/problems/solutions/thoughts on this. Thank you!

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  2. kobrapack99

    kobrapack99 Member

    Im having the same issues. I mostly hear it during netflix videos. I hope it can be fixed with a software update. I finally got my phone set up the way I want it and I don't wanna have to get it swapped out.
  3. Lars

    Lars Android Expert

    Netflix is a different issue. That's a codec issue and could be fixed with software. You can minimize it by enabling audio effects and selecting balanced or bass but it is still there. The horrible feedback loop at low volume in the headphones is likely not fixable. That is some sort of ground loop issue in the chip is my guess. The rattling in the earpiece on calls is likely one of the cameras. Tap the top of the phone on the backside and you can hear the loose pieces that vibrate on a call. The incredible 2 has the same issue. What a piece of crap!
  4. junipllc

    junipllc Lurker

    I'm just now having the same problem, but I've had my Bionic since it was released and this is the first of it. It's never been mishandled (dropped, went skydiving, took a bath, etc.) and it all of a sudden just started tonight.

    Did you ever get this resolved with the Big V? I wonder if, after being on hold, being transferred to the wrong people, etc. (I have a business account, they're a little confused there sometimes) they will fix it.

    I love my Bionic, and I'd hate to have an issue like this for the next 1.9 years.
  5. Lars

    Lars Android Expert

    Loose parts in one of the cameras. Try using camera and video modes a few times. Mine used to be worse. Either I've gotten used to it or the lens got reset.
  6. DanDroide

    DanDroide Android Enthusiast

    Thought I would post something other than the crying & bitching threads.

    I found an app that I think is pretty cool. It's called "Smarter Alarm". I wake up to my Bionic greeting me by my name then the cool stuff - time, weather (& forcast), stock report, news & sports (how I configured to hear), tells me scores of MY FAVORITE TEAMS (if they played the previous day), tells me my appointments for today, tells me "this day in history", "famous qoutes", and your own customers message (if you choose). It's TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE.

    Note: I did previously update my Bionic to talk smooth (no longer robotoc "Navigation" voice)- free Ivona app

    Getting back to Smarter Alarm, I love it...only bummer is it cost me $4 (free version is too limited). But I would buy it again :)


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