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Droid capability?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by emporerlee, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. emporerlee

    emporerlee New Member
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    Jul 22, 2010
    I recently purchased Droid Incredible from Verizon and took a trip to oversea. When I received first bill from Verizon since I purchased the phone, I had a shock of my life. Verizon charged me over $1800.00 for data usage (international roamming) while I was at oversea. I am not sure how that can happen. I had my phone turned on to access addresses and phone numbers, notes, schedule that were stored in the phone but I was very careful not to open any web to prevent data download. My question is does anyone knows whether droid phones have capablity to down load datas on background even if I am not using any web? If my calculation is correct, $1800.00 is about 90 mega bites of data usage. I would like to know what are the possibilities. The Verizon keep telling me the data usage is legitimate and I am responsible for the charges. I sure don't want to pay for somthing I did not benefitted from. Please help.


  2. shalemail

    shalemail Well-Known Member

    Jul 21, 2010
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    This really does not answer your question specifically, but the reality is this, if Verizon says you used it, you will be responsible for the debt, regardless of what really happened. I left Verizon for very much the same reason. The way the look at it (customer service wise) is that they have the best network, best handsets and best offers... if you don't like that charge, the coverage, the whatever, tough sh*t go somewhere else. But bare in mind, they will hunt you until you die for their money. So if it happened or if it didn't happen does not matter, you owe Verizon 1800 bucks regardless.

    Sorry to be the barer of bad news.

    Oh, and good luck with all of it!
  3. kamikazekyle

    kamikazekyle Well-Known Member

    Jun 14, 2010
    Apps can still sync/run in the background even if you don't open web pages or the like. Email gets pushed to the phone, contacts sync, facebook can check for updates, Last.FM can scrobble, etc etc. It's entirely possible for the phone to use 90 MB with just background data transfer, though that depends on the apps running and how long you were overseas.

    The only way to stop this is to use Wifi only and disable the cellular data connection, or go into airplane mode. Well, you can also stop any apps that might be using the data, though I haven't found a good way to track per-app data use yet (much to the bane of my battery).

    EDIT: Oh, you can turn off background data transfer so the phone won't sync some data, though some apps will still pull data when your phone wakes up. The only surefire way to data use is to turn off cellular data.
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