droid command center

How many people use the command center? I like the look of it but I find it a bit redundant since you can pull the notification bar down and click the quick settings button to access most things.


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I used it when I first had the phone - and I think it looks good with the default wallpaper. But several weeks ago I finally changed my wallpaper and the dcc widget just looked terrible with it. I was also tired of watching the widget redraw so frequently when I returned home.

I'll never use zap and there are better ways to see weather and battery status than the dcc widget.


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I like the look. It's a good clock, gives a reasonable indication of battery and though the temperature readings may be a little behind I like to flip through the places that interest me.

I gotta have it until I see something better. Show it to me if you got something better.

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The command center was not compatible with BT in my car--it kept turning the BT off. One replacement Droid Maxx later, and three trips to the car dealership, I still had the same problem. As soon as the command center was disabled, BT worked perfectly. I use OneMoreClock widget which gives me battery life, date, time and weather. It doesn't give me the weather in multiple locations, like the Droid Command Center does, but I can live with that.