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Droid comparisons

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by twodmax, Aug 18, 2010.

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    OK im a newbie getting ready to buy a droid.
    my question for all the more experienced droid owners is this:
    between droid 1, droid x, droid incredible, and the new droid 2,
    which is the better deal, battery wise, signal strength, speed, versatility.
    i know d2 comes with more ram, but only includes 8gb card, where as droid x has half ram and twice the storage card. i will be using for games, internet, music, pictures, videos, etc.... but i like making my own ringtones and wonder how diff it will be putting them on the droid. i currently use a samsung sch1760 i can go anywhere in it and do whatever i need. although im not crazy about windows mobile.
    so what are the pros and cons and which would be the better deal. or should i wait on the droid pro and see how things are from there.
    right now i dont have the best signal strength from my current phone at home and am hoping one of the droids would have a better antenna.
    thanks for all your help guys and gals.

  2. bullitt6996

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    Welcome aboard, if you're looking for a comparison from us users on here, I for one have the first droid, which is all I need. I like the slide out Qwerty which the X doesn't have but the Droid 2 does. While the D2 may not have the memory of the X, the D2's memory is upgradable, as is the case with the other two. You can go all the way up to 32GB with all 3. You will find a lot of love for all of the different Droids and people telling you why one is better than the others, but I would recommend going to a Verizon store, spend some time, and see which you like most. If you're computer saavy and want to get into rooting and overclocking (modding) your phone, go with D1, which has an unencrypted bootloader. If that holds no interest for you, I would look for what you prefer in the X or the D2.
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