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Droid Complaints!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hkjcashmoney, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. hkjcashmoney

    hkjcashmoney Lurker
    Thread Starter

    1. When you type a text over 3 pages, it turns into a MMS, even to Verizon customers.

    2. Bad camera, and not enough options for brightness/effects/etc.

    3. Having to hit the power button to turn on the screen when it goes black.

    4. Contacts, I put in someone named Jessie and someone named Jessica and it stored them together. I like the smartness, but c'mon, that's dumb.

    4.5. Not enough apps yet, but will get to it. Only counts as half a complaint.

    5. Only three pages to store apps/widgets on. :(

    6. Battery life. Self explanatory.

    7. Not iTunes friendly, which is probably with good reason, considering it's competition for the iPhone.

    Overall, there are many ups, so I would never go to a different phone, but I wish they would fix some of these problems. :)

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  2. taz55

    taz55 Well-Known Member

    please see my comments.
  3. CardinalFan22

    CardinalFan22 Newbie

    Your basically asking for the so called "perfect phone"which is impossilble to do while keeping the phone so thin and there are free apps where you can add more homescreens so you can cross that of your list :)
  4. peenapple390

    peenapple390 Member

    I think I can somewhat help you resolve a few of these...

    1. I don't know why you'd send a text message that is over 480 characters long, but it would be easier and faster to send an email IMHO..

    2. I completely agree with you on that issue..

    3. This feature not only helps from "pocket dialing" but it also helps with the battery life (I'll get to that soon)

    4. I have yet to experience anything with the contacts merging together, so I cannot comment on that

    4.5 The apps are growing and growing daily, there will be 150,000 by the end of 2010/beginning of 2011.

    5. Use a different Home Replacement i.e. "Open Home", "dxTop", "GDE" etc...allows you to have up to 7 home screens

    6. Download "Spare Parts" from the Market, it works wonders.

    7. Every time I mount my SD card to my Mac, it shows up under iTunes and allows me to drag and drop music easily...maybe its a Mac thing, i don't know..

    I'm not trying to be smarta$$, i'm just trying to lend some insight from one Droid user to another, I had some similar complaints when I started using the phone, but after searching this forum and experimenting, I got all the answers!

    Hope this helps!

  5. hkjcashmoney

    hkjcashmoney Lurker
    Thread Starter

    To your 3. comment, the iPhone at least has another button as well.

    To your 4. comment, thanks! Didn't know that :)

    To your 6. comment, I only think my battery life is terrible because I like my brightness up, so I can see it better. I have to turn it down in order to keep my battery life running longer than 10 or so hours. But yes, it is pretty great, especially for a phone such as this.
  6. hkjcashmoney

    hkjcashmoney Lurker
    Thread Starter

    1. I'm a major texter, and texts to friends/significant others may be longer than 480 characters.

    3. I just wish there was another button for it, like the iPhone.

    5. I'll try that out. :)

    7. Oh really? I do have a Mac, but heard it doesn't work, probably from PC users. I'll give it a try :)

  7. peenapple390

    peenapple390 Member

    No problem! Download Spare Parts, its free and it really helps you out with the battery life...
  8. MisterEff

    MisterEff Android Enthusiast

    My responses.
  9. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Android Enthusiast

    well battery life has been better for me since the 2.0.1 update so Im not complaining too much about that. Smart phones arent known for perfect battery life. You can use your itunes with the droid buy downloading double twist on your PC. There are Home apps that will add more pages if you want like I'm using Home++ but if you can wait till January when the Droid is soppose to get the Official 2.1 update you will have 5 home screens, as for apps. When I bought my Droid in November it was only 10,000 apps but now its December and its up to 20,000 apps. All that growth in 3 months and you tell me Android isnt gonna be up to atleast 80,000 apps in a year? Mind you iPhone apps are basically repeated type of apps over and over...for example...600 fart apps. Any questions? You are right about the camera though it sucks. too bad the iPhone camera isnt that much better and it has no flash.
    Basically sir what you are looking for sir is a perfect phone. Hopefully they make it one day but right now you are not gonna find it anywhere.
  10. iAndroiid

    iAndroiid Android Enthusiast

    only owned the phone for 2days but here are my responses for you

    1. doesn't happen to me but i use "Handcent sms".

    3. i don't find that anoying but i guess for some it could be? how else would you like it to awake?

    4.5 dunno what other phone to compare it too. i do like though that most the app's are free. i mean some seem pointless but after looking around in the market the first night i bought it i downloaded about 20things and around 10+ i kept

    5. i have 5 but maybe that's because i have the droid eris?

    6. my battery life sucked the first day and then i tweaked it and today i've had it on for about 12 hours or so and still have 65% battery. messed around with app's made a bunch of phone calls and did a little bit of texted. you need to turn off certain things and mess with stuff to get better battery life. i think after having it for a week or so i'll prob go 2days on it before i have to charge it. we will see though. i think it's all about how much you use it and also what your using it for. if you tweak it though you save a lot a lot more battery.

    7. mine works with iTunes & also for free. when i connect it to the PC it comes up in iTunes and I can sync whatever songs to it just like my iPod. Here is doubletwists website and i am sure this is a good spot for you to get started... Sync, Play & Send to BlackBerry, PSP, iPod, iPhone with doubleTwist

    hope i somewhat helped you out. if you need help saving battery life you can pm me and i can send you a couple links on how to make the battery last longer
  11. iPhone2Droid

    iPhone2Droid Well-Known Member

    1. When you type a text over 3 pages, it turns into a MMS, even to Verizon customers.
    SMS, unlike email, has a built-in limit. Some a carriers just chop off the excess. Others implement a more graceful solution.

    2. Bad camera, and not enough options for brightness/effects/etc.
    It's a phone first and foremost. Fortunately, running a search here on CAMERA ZOOM leads to assorted 3rd party apps to beef up the camera, with descriptions, pros, cons.

    3. Having to hit the power button to turn on the screen when it goes black.
    Goes with the smartphone territory, as someone mentioned.

    4. Contacts, I put in someone named Jessie and someone named Jessica and it stored them together. I like the smartness, but c'mon, that's dumb.
    Computers can do a lot, but they don't think. Hence, the edit key.

    4.5. Not enough apps yet, but will get to it. Only counts as half a complaint.
    Numbers, especially in this context, mean little. What matters is if you can find the apps you need/desire. I've found worthy/better counterparts for all but a handful of my essential iPhone 3GS apps, e.g. BirdBrain. Also, still looking for something to replace/enhance the Droid's native Gallery.

    5. Only three pages to store apps/widgets on.
    Unlike smartphones with closed systems, you can add home screens to Android devices, via a home replacement app.

    6. Battery life. Self explanatory.
    Entirely dependent on what you choose to run on the device, combined with your know-how re checking/closing unneeded background apps. Example: threads here noting that, among other things, turning off push email doubles/triples battery life. I want push mail, as well as other goodies, so I live with the tradeoff, but comfortably -- via a portable battery charger.

    7. Not iTunes friendly, which is probably with good reason, considering it's competition for the iPhone.
    Remedied nicely by Motorola Media Link, which I discovered by spending some quality time reading this forum.

    Having lived with the competition, including BB, iPhone and others, the Droid is proving to be a best-bang-for-my-bucks purchase. Not perfection, but dang close, IMHO. Fortunately, for those unsatisfied, there are other smartphone options.
  12. iAndroiid

    iAndroiid Android Enthusiast

    WOW! Also, what you said about #1 is sooo true. AWESOME WRITE UP!!!
  13. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser

    Guys, if you don't want "Jessie" and "Jessica" to be merged, add last names!
  14. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    Lol ... werd! I have over 600 contacts, and every one of them has a last name. Odd. ;o)
  15. iAndroiid

    iAndroiid Android Enthusiast

    true. also, i think this guys speedtest result is just a little better than yours...

  16. ceruti82

    ceruti82 Member

    Regarding #1: am I the only one who like the fact that a reaaal long text turns into a mms? Is there a reason why no one likes it? I'd rather get 1 long text than 3 or more broken up texts. Why is it a bad thing??
  17. superdesi

    superdesi Android Enthusiast

    1. When you type a text over 3 pages, it turns into a MMS, even to Verizon customers.

    Answer: Handcent has an option to turn this off

    2. Bad camera, and not enough options for brightness/effects/etc.

    Answer: Get Fx Camera (free) or Pro Camera (costs money)

    3. Having to hit the power button to turn on the screen when it goes black.

    Normal procedure

    4. Contacts, I put in someone named Jessie and someone named Jessica and it stored them together. I like the smartness, but c'mon, that's dumb.

    Add last names or see above for other suggestions
    4.5. Not enough apps yet, but will get to it. Only counts as half a complaint.

    20k apps and still counting. Plus android market is still young, give it some time. Once people move from the iphone to android based phones, these should skyrocket
    5. Only three pages to store apps/widgets on. :(

    Home++, Launcher++, GDE (costs $), Pandahome are all apps that add more screens with some extra stuff. Launcher+ only adds screen with no extra features. However, you should know that these programs usually start crashing if you have a lot of widgets running.
    6. Battery life. Self explanatory.
    Battery life is great. fyi you should let your battery drain once fully (and by drain i mean let is go to 0% and power off due to lack of battery) and then charge it again. Doing it once is good twice or three times is better. Your battery life will improve. I was skeptical at the process as well but after I tried this (kinda accidentally) it has greatly increased my battery life. Also turn off GPS to increase battery life.

    7. Not iTunes friendly, which is probably with good reason, considering it's competition for the iPhone.
    Get the Doubletwist app

    Droid is AWESOME. Just need to realize its potentials before settling with its shortcomings. :D
  18. sgtmattbaker

    sgtmattbaker Newbie

    I would like to throw my complaints in here. Be forewarned that this is a rant.

    I got the Droid about 5 days ago and:

    There is a bug when sending photos or forwarding messages where you have to type in the whole number or email of the contact. Simply typing a letter or two will not bring up a drop-down list of my contacts. I know it might be fixed in an update soon but it is still annoying. At least there are workarounds.

    I have had the phone completely lock up and require a battery pull 3 times already.

    I just noticed this today, but when I am at my house I have 3-4 bars of coverage. Wait, that is great right? It would be, but the instant I connect a phone call it immediately drops to no bars, 1 bar or (rarely) 2 bars. I had a dropped call after going from 3 bars to none. As soon as the call was over it went right back to 3 and 3G coverage.

    The home buttons at the bottom are not white when lit up as they should be but instead the search key is now completely light purple. This isn't really a huge problem as far as functionality goes but for a $200 I want everything to work correctly. Plus, this phone is supposed to be this industrial looking phone and then the buttons are purple? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of it looking rugged? When they were designing it why did nobody have the idea to make it where the color of the LEDs could be changed (or at least have them blue or red)? The buttons are also touch sensitive (instead of pressure sensitive) so you have to be really careful about not touching them while holding the phone in landscape mode.

    The email is infuriating. There is no empty trash button and I have not been able to make it so the email will do gmail pop3. It will only do IMAP. Also, there is no direct way to simply download attachments. The phone wants to either preview the attachment in the gmail application or open them with an available program in the normal mail application.

    The keyboard on the Droid is pissing me off more and more as time progresses. I got it originally because I didn't want another Blackberry 8330 (my first two kept breaking), all the other Blackberries with awesome keyboards were at least 100 dollars (with tiny screens and worthless at anything other than email and text messaging), the Storm was the same price as the Droid, and the Eris did not have a physical keyboard or the google maps navigation. How difficult is it to look at the Droid while it was in development and say "We should add a few millimeters to the width and add a really awesome keyboard"? Seriously, what is the purpose of that doofus d-pad? It isn't even on the correct side to be used as a gaming device and isn't raised up off the phone high enough to be extremely useful for anything.

    I don't know, some of my complaints are probably trivial but this is just ticking me off. There are only a handful or two of things that are wrong with the Droid, but they just seem so blatantly obvious that Motorola and Google should have caught the issues earlier. I suppose the suits (businessmen of the corporations) could have pushed for the phone to be released in time for Christmas and assumed that the problems would be fixed later on. However, they can't go back and fix the hardware issues of the phone (such as the crappy hardware keyboard or the lack of TV or monitor out). If they had put the type of keyboard that the Samsung Rogue or Moment had then the keyboard would have been great.

    The keyboard, the discolored LEDs, the quirks with email and messaging and the other bugs I have noticed are almost enough to make me consider returning it and just getting a free Blackberry 8330 and wait for the "sequel" to come out. Maybe I am expecting too much from the phone. I guess I was expecting it to have the hardware capability of an Archos tablet or the Nokia n900.

    What I do really like about it for the most part:

    the web browsing is great. When the flash lite is released for the phone in January it will be even better. Web browsing is actually one of the most useful features for a smartphone (aside from calls and emails) in my opinion so this is a huge plus.

    The Google Maps Navigation is an amazing feature to have for free.

    Being able to have multiple applications open and multitask is great, I love it.

    I am still unsure of what I want to do in regard to my call quality and the hardware buttons. I am fairly confident that most of the operating system issues will be fixed later on but the hardware stuff is just annoying.
  19. nerdstaz

    nerdstaz Well-Known Member

    I will take a stab at this one ( I numbered your beef for easy reference)

    1) Are you talking about contacts that are manually entered or facebook contacts? I have that problem only with contacts synced via facebook because they are not actual contacts on your phone. You can remedy this by simply adding a contact with the exact name..it will merge it and you will be good to go..otherwise...never had that issue myself.

    2) This isn't a blackberry..the power button will do everything a battery pull does. I mean..the thing is still pretty new and some things crash...

    3) Sounds like your phone might have a hardware issue or your house has a dead spot? I would exchange it. These things are mass produced..it happens.

    4) Known problem...but is it REALLY that big of a deal? My buddy's at the bar never say "OH Man..what a sissy this guy's manphone has purple buttons!"

    5) That is a work in progress..it will get better. Attachments? for a work around just log in via the browser and you can snag them there. Same for emptying trash. Or you could set your trash to empty periodically and not worry with it in the gmail options. Again, not a blackberry so its initial e-mail apps may be a bit inferior. Time my friend.

    6) The keyboard takes some getting used to. It isn't anything amazing but it works and pretty flawlessly. The d-pad? How can you complain about it? It at least has one..and its not a huge change to use that for games..just because NES standardized it on the left..sometimes you have to make change...dont be afraid of change..the droid takeover is change in itself. The keyboard is fine and I really wish people would stop complaining about it. It gets the job done and at least your mulitmedia touch screen phone with built in navigation and baller free apps HAS a keyboard....and LARGER? Even millimeters...its about compact and convenience..otherwise why are you using a phone? just carry a 3g netbook....

    7) TV out? Read these forums...some people have brought this up before. The fact that it uses USB on opensource firmware means someone could easily manufacture some type of cable and app to relieve that problem. Bugs overlooked? You said you used MULTIPLE Blackberrys... using that and couple it with my point:

    I am sorry to inform you that in today's technological evolution, devices are all rushed out and we are to be the brute force testers. This is especially true on devices with software and firmware that can be updated at a later time. EVERY piece of technology that comes out will not have the bugs worked out. It is about money. Let me put that into perspective for you...If I gave you a budget to manufacture an item of $50,000 and during the time you start nearing or go over that budget and are starting to dig a deep hole...yet your product is very functional with a few kinks...the best thing to do from a manufacturer's perspective is to ship the item and start gaining revenue..rebuild your fund..when you re-establish money and start profiting you can apply this money to iron out bugs that were minor. So this should be expected buying things within the first 6 months to a year of new technological releases.

    Then like I tell my wife...you can't please everyone otherwise no two items in the world would be the same.

    8) Maybe you should consider going back to an old phone. It seems the quirks of new technology are crushing your hopes. You should never put yourself in that prediciment and if you can't help but to dwell upon these very minor setbacks you have experienced, then you need to get something with a bit more established polish so you do not have to frustrate yourself with what a lot of us enjoy...watching our handheld/pocket fitting device grow and experience the growth, fun, and efficiency it brings. This is NOT a tablet or the Nokia...those have their own bugs..some you may not be able to swallow either. A better bet would be going with a blackberry or an iphone...they have less bugs...just do some research....

    Here is a link that may help your adventures. :D

    9) I think your phone has some issues bro, take it back!

    In time, the Motorola Droid will evolve. Other things will come out that are better..and it will become your "old faithful". Right now it's just a new baby waiting on an update or two to make your life easier and easier. If patience is a problem then move on my friend..

    Have a very merry Christmas, and I hope you sort this out!
  20. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast

    I thought id drop a line here since ive herd some intelligentl feedback. Basically im at a standstill ,, i own the eris but im not sure if i should move to tha droid.

    The two main issues for me are
    1- the design. Do u get used to it? when i see it. it seems awkward looking as a rectangle. What about bulk? Is it that this compared to eris? Weight. A friend returned hers becuz it weighed too much. True? As a girl i have little hands and im smaller so i want this phone to look good with me when im out. Will it look weird wh3en talkin on it or pullim it out. isbthe keyboard not ugly or cheap? Will i b able to easily slip it in say a pocket. Basically i dont want to b the odd one with the phone..

    2. The second n moost important thing before i sign a two year is if the phone is powerful enough to last. I.e. longevity. I kno better more advanced phones will come out but will this compete in the long run? Are there updates coming and waht will they do. The eris i love the look but herd the power is outdated and wont keep up -true? is this phone goin to b taken care of by verizon becuz its fairly new right? Could the eris outperform this with androis 2.x?

    Ive heard many things and i dont want a peprfect phone. jus the best avaliable that fits my size and power. Is this the phone for me or is the eris. Will tje eris stack up to droid in longevity? Should i wait for another phone?

    Thank u for readin this i kno its a lot but the more nfo i get the faster i can get what i want and keep it.

    Any feedback i would love and appreciate. Thx again.
  21. sgtmattbaker

    sgtmattbaker Newbie

    To the poster that responded to me:
    Like I said, I was ranting. I had been waiting for months for an Android phone on Verizon so I was excited about the Droid. The only thing that really will not change is the keyboard, but I am excited to see how my phone will get better and better with each update. I am very excited about it being an "open" phone. Later on I may consider writing applications for it. The few bugs I have seen will probably be fixed but when I was trying to do stuff on it yesterday I was irritated. I use Linux on all of my computers alongside Windows so developmental issues and lack of polish are not foreign to me.

    The complaints of mine with the Droid that won't get fixed are the keyboard and video out. Something like the Nokia N900 (something that can do absolutely everything as well as being a phone) would be something I would ideally want for Android to be on. With that you have full flash, an IR port (you could use that as a TV remote most likely!) and other stuff. The Droid does almost everything I would want, so I guess I am pretty happy. The IR port and the TV out would be cool to have, but the keyboard on the Droid is something that is a real issue.

    I hear Android 2.1 is coming before summer 2010 so I feel that the Android OS is really speeding up. I hear Android 3.0 will be out by sometime in 2010 and Android 4.0 by 2011. Do you think the Droid will get updated to 3.0 or farther? If so, I have great hope in the Droid's future. I would think that it would considering that, for the next few months, the Droid is Verizon's flagship. I like Android and its openness, and while I want to support it by getting a device, I want to wait until I get a device that is running the most polished, awesome version of Android. After all, the thing did cost me a good bit of money.

    To the person that posted about trading the Eris for the Droid:

    The Droid's shape and style is a matter of personal preference. You will either like it or dislike it; I cannot predict if it will grow on you or not. Personally, I like the design.The Droid is heavier than the Eris; however, I personally think it is silly to return a phone simply for its weight, especially if everything else is fine for the most part. The phone is solidly made and that is why it weighs a moderate amount. As for your concern that you may be the odd one out with the device, that depends entirely on other people. If you want the phone, then you should not care about what others think about it. Regarding your concern about being able to put it in your pocket: it isn't that large, just a tad thicker than the iphone and about 4 inches long.

    The Droid is a more powerful device than the Droid Eris. I doubt that the Eris would be left out in the cold regarding the Android 2.0 update, but it is not as powerful as the Droid hardware wise. To answer your question about hardware being outdated, you should understand that in 2 years , or even 1, there will be many other phones out that will be more powerful than both the Eris and the Droid. For right now you simply have to choose; if you waited for the absolute best phone then you would never have one because they are always improving. I think both phones will still be plenty usable in the future, but they will probably not receive software (including operating system) updates past what their hardware will be able to handle. They may alsoo not receive some updates after they have outlived theyir corporate usefulness (I.e. another phone is out that they will make more money on and has a large user base).

    Only you can decide. For me, I will absolutely love it once I get over some mostly minor quibbles
  22. dreamtoys

    dreamtoys Lurker

    Please tell us how you set up your Droid. I got 6-8 hours doing little things.

    Please be specific. Tx.

    My other problem is: I need bluetooth headset voice initiated dialing. Any apps yet? I also want to have larger fonts for my icons, emails, etc. and not just browsing - with the new browsing app.

    Anyone figure out how to access emails or calling with Droid overseas yet? Magic jack with WIFI? Data and emails?


  23. dreamtoys

    dreamtoys Lurker

    Please tell us how you set up your Droid. I got 6-8 hours doing little things.

    Please be specific. Tx.

    My other problem is: I need bluetooth headset voice initiated dialing. Any apps yet? I also want to have larger fonts for my icons, emails, etc. and not just browsing - with the new browsing app.

    Anyone figure out how to access emails or calling with Droid overseas yet? Magic jack with WIFI? Data and emails?


  24. KeithG

    KeithG Well-Known Member

    You want it to split the 3 pages into individual smss? Fair enough. Maybe handcent will accomplish this. I don't use sms @ all, and using a channel with such a limited bandwidth with such a request is maybe a bad usage case scenario. I'd be sending an email in this case. But if anyone decided to send me 20+ texts @ once, I'd seriously consider physical action :p

    But I could see where you could make a case that you would want to "compose" a message, and then give you the option after the length of the message is known, to which transport should then handle the message. The options could then be generated by the known contact information stored within the contact. sms, email 1, email 2, gtalk.. .etc etc..

    Are these complaints against post processing? Is this something that can be fixed with a photo editor like photoshop for mobile?

    The Droid is a full touchscreen device. The only switch style button is the power button (besides the keyboard slide sensor). You can also wake the phone up by extending the keyboard. Pocket dialing is bad mmmkay? If its sleeping too fast, extend the screen timeout settings > sound & display > screen timeout (at the cost of battery life).

    Its a rather nifty idea, but since I haven't experienced a merged contact yet... did it prompt you if you wanted them merged? Bug report this if you feel its not a desired outcome.

    Innovation takes time, the platform is always changing. Some ideas were not possible with 1.0 ... now more things are. Things that aren't possible today may be tomorrow. The SDK is open and free, Eclipse is just a download away... start writing :)

    This is part of the Google design philosophy. Provide a basic stable framework and open it up. Let 3rd parties innovate on top of the platform bringing value to the consumer. I use Launcher+ home replacement app to provide as many "pages" as I want.

    Its got excellent battery life compared to other phones within its class. There are threads out there about iPhone 3gs's when they went out ... were needing to be recharged within 8 hours. Smartphones are historically battery suckers. I get an easy 18 hours .... I normally don't have to charge my phone except every night. Yes its not even close to a "feature" phones standby time...

    Its not made by apple, if iTunes is a requirement for you then you need to purchase an iPhone ... apple doesn't like anyone trying to sync iTunes to non apple hardware and have changed itunes in previous instances to stop other hardware from syncing with it.

    On aside note, yeah.. syncing media is rather cruddy with the default software ... but there again, there are apps that will help anyone in that regard.

    I want a vibrant competitive market. From the handset manufacturers to carriers, OS stack vendors, and apps. Within that ideal, innovation will always find a way :)
  25. nateo200

    nateo200 Android Enthusiast

    1. Google maps never seams to get my location right indoors despite having three connections to help. Why doesn't the cell network and wifi help pinpoint where you are like the iPhone does?

    2. Fix this god damn keyboard delay!! I'm typing this on my droid and I have to wait 30 seconds after I type this up to see my fcking message and if there's errors its a pain to fix

    Maybe some nerdy ones that ive seen on well every other smartphone:

    -A way to tell which frequency EVDO and 1xRTT are on....
    -A way to scan for cell networks. I would like to be able to choose what network I want to connect to manually...some areas it frustrating when I get 1 bar of 1xRTT only and I can't roam on Sprint/US cellular...
    -Roaming indicator?...

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