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droid devour?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kraze0g, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    what is this thing? it keeps being referred to as droids 'little brother'... does this mean its a dumbed down version of the droid? just looking for suggestions on wether or not it will have features that outdo the droid.


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  2. ItalianScallion

    ItalianScallion Well-Known Member

  3. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA

    It's the Motorola Calgary, it looked a lot nicer in the renders earlier this year. Now it just looks like a toy phone for children.
  4. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    thats wat i thought. it looks like a toy for ages 10-14
  5. 3devious

    3devious Android Expert

    Atleast ages 10-14 have a better sense of industrial design than most of the folks who drive the tastless visuals for items like the Eris and the N1. I am interested to see what kind of touch capabilities this thing has. The keyboard looks like it might be as nice as those found in LG's phones as opposed the the keypad in my husband's Droid which makes me want to see how many peices the phone breaks into when I throw it into a wall as hard as I possibly can.
  6. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    this thing should have "made by mattell" written on the back of it, and throw in a barbie doll as incentive to get it. :p
  7. JimmyHat

    JimmyHat Well-Known Member

    Looks like a stripped down wanna be Droid. I don't think it will sell well at all.
  8. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    I was hoping for a Droid level device with two things:

    1. Better KB, by getting rid of the worthless d-pad (it is bad)
    2. Uncap the cpu to 600mhz. Seems silly to cap it. The 3430 was designed to run in phone form factors at full speed- unlike Snapdragon.
  9. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Android Expert

  10. 3devious

    3devious Android Expert

    It wouldn't break my heart if neither of those models came to Verizon. That form looks like it was meant to be inserted somewhere. More budget android phones wouldn't be a bad thing.
  11. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User

    i dont really like the way it looks at all.
  12. edge

    edge Android Enthusiast

  13. Bxrider11

    Bxrider11 Well-Known Member

    Being that this is running Android1.6 will Google Maps work on it. If so I'm sure my wife would like this phone
  14. jradicle11

    jradicle11 That Guy

    Yep, google maps works flawlessly, except when I don't get reception for the GPS.
  15. rshelton

    rshelton Lurker

    Keyboard and touch screen are awesome!! Had it a week and everyone is envious. Built sturdy............... you will LOVE it!!
  16. Epi

    Epi Lurker

    I bought my wife and I Devours off Wirefly using Bing Cashback for $49.99 each! For that price I was a bit skeptical, but once I had it in my hand, you realize that it is built like a tank. I went from a Helio Ocean to Motorola Devour and it was the BEST choice I could have made. I looked for months upon which device I was going to get next. First, it was the MyTouch3G, then it was the CLIQ, I didnt like the look of DROID at all. Once the Devour showed up, I knew it was the one. I hate isheep phones, so there was no way I was going to get one of those. I think with the metal the Devour is shelled in, is one of its strongest selling points. It in NO WAY is a kids toy, this device is all man!
  17. jradicle11

    jradicle11 That Guy

    Funny because the phone is designed for a younger demographic with the MOTOBLUR platform.

    I do love mine though.
  18. jfrorie

    jfrorie Newbie

    This thing feels like a tank. I honestly think I could stand on it and the frame would survive. The fit and finish is the best I've seen a on a slider. It has a satisfying feel to it.

    Pros: I have to say after playing with the droid, I felt like this was a more polished unit. The blur interface integrates contacts from different source nicely. I can get some speed on the keyboard, although I think the Samsung Moment's is a little nicer. I adapted well to the placement of the B, V and N keys. Coming from a curve, the dedicated numbers are a godsend especially for passwords. The dedicated voice recognition key was the capper for me. Bluetooth voice recognition works through my car's handsfree unit seamlessly! (I had to flash my BT unit, tho) This is a major bug with the android platform and think the blur interface corrects this.

    Cons: It's definately sluggish at points. A little heavy, but it does feel solid. I'd like to see 2.1. I wish the special characters mapped to the numbers like a normal keyboard. The @ and ! placement are annoying and could have been easily placed on the numbers. I dont really care for the limited selction of default ringtones, but I also used to my curve's noises.

    From the specs it looks like a crippled droid, but it definitely has a feature set that surpasses it in many ways. I think this thing might outsell the droid.
  19. jradicle11

    jradicle11 That Guy

    It is lacking in ringtones but I just added music to my phone and sets the songs as my ringtone.
  20. Sportster

    Sportster Android Enthusiast

    Was very impressed with it while messing around in the mall the other day. Feels better than the Droid. Slide opens with a nice feel to it. Love the look,brushed alum. The keyboard smokes the Droids pos. Nice raised feel to the keys and easy to type with unlike the Droids crap flat keys. They should have put the internals of the Droid in THIS case! This has the case the Droid should be in and vice versa. Seems like a very nicely built phone...
  21. Dark Jedi

    Dark Jedi Guest

    my wife got the devour same day I got my droid. we both left AT&T because face it their phone celection sucks now they go more for pushing the i phone. sure there getting android based phones but not the main reason we left. I was with them for like 10 years and they screwed me over one to many times. they seemed they didnt care that I was with them for such a long time.

    my wife didnt want a droid as she wanted to tell the phones apart. so the person showed her the devour. must say it is built like a tank. if someone messes with her she can throw it and knock them out. then walk over and call the cops :p

    she likes it aS shes in to the facebook and so on crowd. she is having the screen to pixelate at times but we going to get it fixed. other than that she loves it. I almost call it a chick phone :D
  22. jradicle11

    jradicle11 That Guy

    Call it a chick phone and I'll throw mine at you.
  23. Dark Jedi

    Dark Jedi Guest

    I said almost. :p
  24. bibbyboi

    bibbyboi Lurker

    I'm glad to be seeing all these good reviews on the phone...I'm about to upgrade on the 8th and it's that buy one get one free deal...I'm dead set on getting the droid but i've been leaning towards getting my wife the devour...My wife kinda likes the droid but with it's slide out keyboard not being so good the devour fits the bill better....She won't use anything except a physical keyboard...lol...And the last time we both got the same phones they turned out to be the biggest POS ever...so at least this way if one of them is a pos one of us will be alright...lol...

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