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Droid DNA - Bluetooth Controls Not Working

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Android Question

    Thread Starter

    I've had my Verizon DNA for about 22 months now and it has had issues before, but most of these have been resolved by updates, etc. One thing I noticed after the most recent update is that any Bluetooth device I pair to the phone won't let me control the phone anymore. I can't start or stop music with either my headphones (Motorola S-11 FlexHD) or my car (2013 Kia Soul). I've tried rebooting the phone (several times over the past few weeks), unpairing and re-pairing devices, but the controls just don't seem to work anymore. Anyone else having this issue or have any suggestions for whether or not it can be fixed?


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  2. dsmryder

    dsmryder Android Expert

    You might have to start the music app then you shoud be able to use the controls.

    On my phone that happens because the controls have to have the phone unlocked first before they have access to them.

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