Droid dna cases & Screenguard


i need good safe case which supports notification at back as well as wireless charging support with case on. Also must not affect the sleekness of the phone


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I have the Seidio Active. Fairly light, adds a little thickness and a lot of protection. If you want a thinner case they have the "Surface" model. The red color matches the phone perfectly. The website is


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I'm using the rubber skin from my LG Spectrum Ballistic case, but installed upside down so the USB port is reachable. It's ok for calls right now until I can decide on what to get. The ballistic case was always a bit to thick for my liking but protected well. I guess I need to find a balance.

Since the skin is reversed the camera isn't usable unless I flip it around then it works perfectly.


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i went with the seidio surface. it added just enough thickness to make the phone feel perfect in the hand, not so thin that i felt like i would drop it. (i have very small hands).
Amazon.com: Seidio CSR3HTDDA-RB Surface Case for HTC DROID DNA - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Royal Blue: Cell Phones & Accessories
I'm not sure why, but the royal blue one is $5.00 cheaper than the other colors an it's beautiful.

This guy has red for $18

New Seidio Surface Protector High Impact Case Cover Skin for HTC Droid DNA Red on eBay!