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Support Droid drops calls constantly

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jayes, Feb 16, 2011.

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    No one seems to know the answer to this one so I'm hoping someone here can help.

    My daughter has an original Droid. She's had it for about 15 months. As soon as she got it, it lost calls. Constantly. The first few seconds after the call came in, or went out, it would drop. The display would show that the call was still in session.. on both ends. It did not hang up. Only neither party could hear each other. We tried to troubleshoot on our own.. was she hitting the mute with her chin, was the sensor involved. etc? Nothing seemed to fix the problem. Verizon replaced the phone. The problem persisted. I was convinced it was something she was doing. I was sure it had something to do with the mute button since it looked like the call was still in progress on both ends, only neither party could hear each other. Calls were consistently and constantly dropped. You could not have a conversation with her without the call being dropped at some point. She'd had it. She went back to Verizon. They replaced the Droid .. yet again. And guess what. This third phone drops calls too! Before everyone concludes that it is user error.. the phone drops calls when I use it too and I never drop calls on my Droid.

    We've ruled out location since there's no place in particular this happens.. it's ALL over. I've thought about some application being the culprit, but she's got very little on her phone - mostly apps that came with the phone. And those that she's downloaded are there because I have them on my phone and they work on my Droid without a problem.

    I know this sounds strange.. but could it be something in the phone number? That's the only thing that is not common between my phone and hers. Seems like an unlikely culprit.. and she's had the phone number for YEARS so does not want to change it.. but we're stymied at this point.

    Verizon is pretty clueless. They will replace the phone, but really can't suggest a solution or reason for the drops. Was hoping someone here can help.



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