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Droid Emergecy!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by bushlite2011, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. bushlite2011

    bushlite2011 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm new to the droid world how ever in my two short weeks i have leanred alot...

    I have 1 complaint about my droid (shine plus)...
    in 2 weeks I have pocket dialed 911 5 times!

    I have seen a few threads about this and non of which explain how this happens or goes into any kind of detail...so I will.

    When your droid screen in locked all you have to do to dial 911 is this

    typically you lock your screen when you have it in your pocket, to test do the following,
    lock your screen, physically press any button to activate you unlock screen, if you are prone to this issue you will see a fairly obvious "Emergency" touch screen button, press this once you then come to your dial pad with 911 pre dials...all you have to do is press the call button on the screen on the phone its self or i belive touch the area that has 911 pre dialed! its a simple 3 touch process. Yes this is a good tool in the case of an actual emergency but its a double edge sword!

    I called my service provider as well as lg (1 888 542 2623) to put this simply there is absolutly nothing that can be done to fix this yet. neither telus or lg have even heard of this happening yet so they filed a customer voice ticket and forwarded it promptly to management, I would suggest anyone else with this issue doing the same as this will promt lg to produce an app or software update to correct this issue.

    ***this is not pressent in all androids, to see if you are prone to this lock your screen touch any physical button and when your screen comes active look for the very obvious emergency touch screen button...if you have this you are prone to pocket dialing 911!...unfortunatly very few cases or covers fix this issue unless its a leather drop in belt case with a lid (personally I dont like these cases as they are bulky and overly doppy looking), yet some still do it time to time****

    Tips on explaining this to 911 operators! they are aware of this issue but may still dispatch an officer as it is a regulation, how ever explain that you have an android and what model it is and that it is a touch screen, if you are lucky as i have been 3 times you will not have to file a report.
    if you do this I recommend calling your service provider as well as lg right away and filing a customer complaint this will support your claim and help avoid any fines that may occurre for reocurring calls.

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  2. bushlite2011

    bushlite2011 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hope this helps!
  3. dmm

    dmm Newbie

    On my Motorola Droid when you hit "Emergency Call" it brings up the dialer but 911 is not automatically entered, so I guess your LG is different in this respect. However, I use an app called Call Confirm to prevent pocket dialing in general. Perhaps this app will solve your problem.
  4. Droid Fireman

    Droid Fireman Newbie

    Root your phone and flash a new ROM with no 911 call button on the lockscreen.
  5. nuke777

    nuke777 Well-Known Member

    I wish I had that button :p

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