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Droid Eris + $ for Droid Incredible

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by roydlim, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. roydlim

    roydlim Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm willing to throw in some money with the eris which is factory refurbished. Thanks.

    Also I'm willing to buy a reasonably priced Incredible if you aren't down for trading.


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  2. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Android Expert

    I have an Incredible I'd be willing to trade you it comes with lots of extras
    32gb MicroSD
    Seidio Innocase
    Red/Clear TPU Case
    Body Glove Case
    HTC EVO 1500mah Battery
    Stock Battery
    VZW 2150 Extended Battery with Back
    Seidio 3500mah Extended Battery with back and custom silicon black case to fit
    generic 3000mah Extended Battery
    It's rooted running Ginerbread but can install whatever you want on it and it is an AMOLED one
    I'd be willing to do a trade for your eris plus $250 but you'd have to ship the phone first and paypal the money before I sent the Incredible .

    I came up with the $250 as Eris are selling for about $75-$100 and Incredibles with out extras are selling for about $275-$325

    Let me know what you think
  3. roydlim

    roydlim Lurker
    Thread Starter

    would it be possible to lower the price if i didn't want all those accessories?
    i'm pretty sure incredibles are selling around 200-300 and my droid eris is pretty much brand new. it still has the screen protector on it
  4. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Android Expert

    unfortuantly I"d really have no use for any of the accessories. Shot me an offer with and without
  5. roydlim

    roydlim Lurker
    Thread Starter

    just snagged new dinc on ebay for 180.

    thanks for the offer though!!
  6. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Android Expert

    No problem man
    roydlim likes this.

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