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Droid Eris getting shipped to me, but im on alltel.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by steve500, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. steve500

    steve500 Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey there everyone, I've got an Eris coming my way. I've had the Palm Pre rooted and activated on alltel for a few months but I'm beginning to hate this phone. . . My buddy just got a free upgrade to the Eris and because they offer this phone free, it had a upgrade to one, get another one free offer, so him and I made a deal.

    Anyways, because alltel and verizon seem to have made some sort of aliance in the past year... I've noticed all my verizon friends have awesome service coverage now, me being on alltel use to be the only one that had good service on all our offroad adventures, now ALL my buddies have the same service I've got, sweet :) ...

    Does that mean... a verizon programmed phone will activate on alltel without any need in programming? I'm sure EVDO would have some issues connecting because I'm sure they've got different addresses and login passwords, but text/talk would work, right?

    Any input is appreciated!

    Until then, I'll wait for the Eris to be successfully rooted.

  2. Coin Ops

    Coin Ops Lurker

    You should be OK. I also still have my Alltel plan (although technically now through Verizon), but was able to upgrade my phone to an Eris without a problem.

    The only problem you may have is if you are in one of the few Alltel areas that Verizon couldn't acquire.
  3. steve500

    steve500 Member
    Thread Starter

    ah ! Exactly what I wanted to know, awesome !

    so, you're still on Alltel paying an alltel bill and alltel allowed youto order the htc eris?
    or did you just call alltel and activate a droid eris? Or.. Did you switch your account over to verizon?

    haha, thanks.. I know, lots of questions sorry.

  4. Coin Ops

    Coin Ops Lurker


    We were switched to Verizon after the merger since Alltel doesn't really exist in our area any more, but we still have our old Alltel plan (much cheaper). Our phones were obtained directly from the Verizon website and we activated them OTA which automatically de-activated our old Alltel phones.

    You should call Customer Service and find out for sure.
  5. steve500

    steve500 Member
    Thread Starter

    Ah, makes sense. Okay.

    Yeah we've just been on alltel and still paying to alltel directly. I guess I'll have to call them up and see what my options are.

    20 miles away from me, the closest big town we've got here in central utah, we have an Alltel store and an authorized verizon retailer store right next to each other. I don't know if that means anything.

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