droid eris help with setting wallpapers for each screen

I am new to the droid eris. I am wonderding if you can set a wallpaper for all your screens when you slide side to side? I have a wallpaper but its the same on all seven screens. One of the sales reps told me you can set seven more screens within each screen to have a total of 49? If someone can help that would be greatly appreciated. The book is worthless! Thanks again


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7 screens( walls, desktops, whatever ) total. If you start at Home ( middle ) you have three to the right and three to the left. There are not more screens within a screen.

I don't have my phone yet, but I've read the owners manual and have read quite a bit online, I'm not familiar with a way to set a diff wallpaper for each screen.

There are multiple "scenes". Each scene can been completely customized to fit home, work, play, whatever. Maybe that's what sales guys was getting at.


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What you want to do cannot be done. 1 wallpaper for all 7 screens. You can do different setups for each scene but that is all. I tried the same thing with my eris.