Root Droid Eris running Kaos Froyo V37 headphone issue please help!

I started having issues with my headphone jack on my Eris a month ago. It wouldn't play the music through the headphones but when i unplugged them, they played through the speaker. I was running kaos froyo V35-1 and saw that V37 fixed that issue so i flashed that, and it still isnt working. Any help please?


Android Expert
You might try a non Froyo (at the very least non Kaos) ROM. It's possible that it's a hardware problem and not ROM related. If the problem persists through different ROMs then it's likely a hardware problem. You should also try a different set of headphones, the problem could be there.
If you flash a new ROM, be sure and do a nand backup so you can easily get back to your current setup.