Just spoke with VZW customer service. Extended batteries still not in stock. Any one heard when they will be available?
Great Web site. Looks like they will have some good accessories for the Droid. Thanks

I have a Seidio 2100mA battery for my Moto Q, which is 2x as thick and I believe has 2x the amperage rating as the stock battery. It lasts litterally 2x as long. I also have an OEM extended battery, rated at ~1400mA, and the Seidio litterally lasts 50% longer. Given that they were able to come out with a 3200mA battery for the HTC TP2, I hope they can do a 2x battery for the DROID.
The Seidio extended battery will come in a slim format that fits with the stock cover. Waiting to see what the power will be...



I'm hoping that the slim battery can push out about 150% power with the larger battery at 200%. But hey, more would be better too:D