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Droid Incredible or Droid X....HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rettigtube, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Rettigtube

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    Hello all. This is my very first post so I completely appologize if this is in the wrong forum. I have been trying to decide on the correct Droid for sometime now and my upgrade has recently become available. I have never owned the very new or very best so this is the first time that I have been thinking of doing so. I currently have no computer at home and use my PS3 to surf the web (which is terrible). I want to move into my first smartphone and Android. I like to check things often such as email, Facebook, Twitter, IMDB, Fantasy Football. So I want the phone that can do these very well. I also would like one that would allow me to type a paper in say word or another form of word. Lastly I work Sundays and I am a huge football fan. With my DirectTv Sunday Ticket I will be able to watch my games on one of the droids. I am wondering which one will handle this the best. My research so far has indicated that the Droid X would be the best as the screen size and mechanics would work best for that. However, once I found this forum and others, I have seen many posts from people who hated the Droid X and either went back to the Droid Incredible or went with it instead. I just wanted some opinions on what really would be the best device for me. BTW I did also consider the Droid 2 however, for the same price the additional 3 mega pixels seems like a great trade for the acutal Qwerty board. I need to make a decision soon as while I'm typing this I'm sure Verizon is pushing the shipping date on each model back another day and football season is close! Thank you in advance!

  2. Steven58


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    I like my X.

    PS: Using paragraph dividers helps reading your post! ;)
  3. ferris_1972

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    I have the Original Droid and I thought I would use the keyboard alot but I actually prefer the on screen keyboard. That being said if you are going to watch alot of games on your phone then I would definitely go with the better screen with the Droid X
  4. incrediblenotinstock

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    I like my X too :) i would go for the X
  5. G.Armour

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