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DROID Incredible random restart/reboot problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by OhScar, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. tonytownsend

    tonytownsend Member

    Just rebooted again, Im taking back before best buy closes im not dealing with this for 2 years

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    INTREPID-NY Android Enthusiast

    Tonytownsend: If you get another one, would you PLEASE let us know if the new unit has the same issue? Thank You!

    Also, if anyone has replaced their Incredible, please post your experiences.

  3. sic4672

    sic4672 Android Enthusiast

    replaced mine on Sat. only one random reboot since then and it was about 2 hours after the ota.

    INTREPID-NY Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for the update. One reboot is one too many. It looks like this is a systemic problem. I hope you don't have another reboot - but I suspect you will. Keep us posted.

    I have 30 days to exchange my phone but I'm waiting until this problem is isolated and fixed.

    I've had my phone about a week and it's rebooted about 5 times (that I know of).
  5. mobilecal

    mobilecal Lurker

    I've had mine since Saturday (May 1st) and it has rebooted at least twice a day, that I know of. I'm in Southern California, got my Incredible through Best Buy.
  6. rasmith18

    rasmith18 Newbie

    Havent had any reboots since last sat at 1pm. Yesterday I got up and had the Android OTA update, all was fine. This morning when I get up, I woke up my phone and notice one of my apps as an update and before I could install it the phone locked up and then rebooted.
  7. sic4672

    sic4672 Android Enthusiast

    so I've had 2 in the last hour, but I'm noticing a pattern. it seems I reboot during data intensive processes. first reboot was during a log me in session, and the second occurred while ripping a YouTube vid. maybe VZW is getting unhappy with my data usage.
  8. sic4672

    sic4672 Android Enthusiast

    another random reboot just now after doing a refresh in newsrob.
  9. kur1j

    kur1j Lurker

    Damn didn't want to see this...

    I am in Alabama and have had the phone reboot 3 times today. I am in area where I don't get great coverage.

    I didn't notice it before the OTA update. 1 day after the update and its done it 3 times.
  10. tonytownsend

    tonytownsend Member

    Hey im in NC also around NC state. Does you guys signal bar jump alot??? Mine is all over the place.
  11. ctc

    ctc Android Enthusiast

    I'm in VA and have had 2 reboots this week.
  12. BiggShooter

    BiggShooter Newbie

    Had a reboot this morning (4 AM) in MN....live about 25 miles west of Twin Cities.
  13. CarlGustav

    CarlGustav Newbie

    Got the phone on release day and have had 0 problems until today. Its rebooted twice on me, once while trying to lower the ringer volume and another time while listening to slacker.

    Only thing Ive changed was installing the touch pro 1500mah battery, I wonder if its related.
  14. ive had the incredible since release day, (bought the phone in a vzw store) and ive had several reboots...the latest happening in my pocket at work today.
    Thing is, it'll random reboot while im not doing ANYTHING....never once have i had a reboot while using the phone. i mean, i've had apps running, but i wasnt holding the phone itself, pressing buttons/touching the screen when the reboots happen.

    its been quite the bitch.....hopefully an OTA update fixes this randomness.
  15. dunamis

    dunamis Newbie

    I'm in SoCal...and this random reboot is driving me nuts. I've already had it replaced and when I call, they're more than happy to replace....but I'm debating if I should just keep and wait it out or continue to find that perfect HINC.....LOL. It has happened three times within two days....but still!!!! everything is perfect besides that!!!!
  16. jds4000

    jds4000 Android Enthusiast

    Returning mine as soon as they become available at the Verizon store the week of the 10th! Mine REFUSES to reboot after powering down unless I perform a battery pull.
  17. jlf378

    jlf378 Lurker

    I am in chicago and it happened to me the other day, but no worries atleast it only take a minute to start up. Not like my old storm 2 that took about 10 minutes
  18. ShiftLft

    ShiftLft Member

    I had literally the same situation happen. In an elevator in Boston, got out and felt my phone rebooting.
  19. mobilehavoc

    mobilehavoc Well-Known Member

    After no issues for days it happened twice today. Both times in seemingly low signal areas. There's something definitely going on with he phone when it has to switch towers and has low signal.
  20. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Android Expert

    Had my first random reboot today. Was in my pocket and I felt it vibrate. Sure enough, it was rebooting. I don't know if the OTA update is the culprit, but it definitely didn't happen before I updated.

    Did we ever find out what's the cause of this and if I need to be concerned with getting a replacement?
  21. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Android Expert

    Weird, that's what happened to me today. The same elevator I take everyday in my condo building, but this morning after I got out it rebooted. Definitely not happy about this.
  22. AckMan

    AckMan Newbie

    Im in NY and had two reboots today. Never had a problem before today.

    INTREPID-NY Android Enthusiast

    If you have the random reboot problem, do you have any task killers installed such as "Advanced Task Killer" or "JuiceDefender"? I doubt this is the cause because I've read about virgin Incredibles having the same issue. Just curious.
  24. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Android Expert

    I don't use any task killers.

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