Help Droid Internal Memory skyrocketing

I don't get it. My droid 1 usually had about 50% of its internal memory being used at any given time. Usually 142mb out of 261mb according to my memory widget.

But for some reason its been spiking up to near 70% internal vmemory being used. 182 out of 261mb

Is there an app or something that shows how much data is being used by any given app. Or is there any kind of app that automatically can clean stuff without having to search for it?

Any help is appreciated


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Under Settings--> Applications--> Manage Applications you can select "running services" and using the menu select by size. You can get an idea of what may be too big.

You can also use an app called CacheCleaner by L. Sartory to clean every cache on the phone with one click. You may be surprised by how much memory you can recover doing that every so often.


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I'm unrooted, so that app won't help.

Somehow I got it back down to "acceptable" levels after clearing the Browser cache about 15 times


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I went to check on my dolphin cache. I wanted to clear, but it didn't allow me. Blacked out but zero, so that notion to clean, out the window.