Help Droid is plugged in charging, but not showing up on my laptop.


I just got my Droid today, and right now it is plugged in and charging on my MacBook Pro, but it's not showing up on my computer. Is there some sort of plug in I need to download? I want to sync pictures, etc.

I have downloaded Double Twist, but it is not showing a device as being connected.


Hi, my problem doesn't seem as simple...

I have a droid charge and i am trying to connect it to a windows 7 64bit laptop. I have tried with and without debug mode, and I have tried wiping the phone to see if it was a settings thing. there is no notification when I connect to the pc, it does however vibrate to let me know that it is charging. Under device manager there is no mention of an android device, I tried Bluetooth tethering and there are now two Bluetooth peripheral devices which have no drivers (both "peripherals" are from the charge).

Any help would be appreciated... I have tried to install the droid charge drivers from Samsung and it didnt change anything



Post this in the Charge forums. I'd move your posts, but without mine it would look funny, and with mine it looks funnier...