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droid low light video and exchanges

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DigiPimp, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. DigiPimp

    DigiPimp Newbie
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    so im not real sure what to do at this point. i had an eris and was happy with the camera and the general software. after the ota update the battery meter was accurate but the battery ran out very very fast and the phone started locking up daily. i took it in and exchanged for a droid because i had very little time left for the exchange and had to make the decision right then.

    i factored in the bigger screen and higher video recording resolution of the droid to suit what i generally use my phone for. i use my phone a lot for live ustreaming at musical and party type events, as well as twitter and uploading videos via twitter, youtube, etc when not live streaming it.

    now i have a droid and the low light video is horrible and unusable in these events and situations where the eris was able to do great. the droid screen in comparison is completely dark. so what do i do? i've tried different camera apps and settings and nothing has improved this at all. i keep wondering if it could be addressed in a software update, but i think it probably wont be. i imagine the eris is going to be a great phone after the 2.1 update but didnt know when that might happen. so whats a guy to do i've got a droid thats hardly usable for what it is that i use my smartphone for the most.

  2. kbayer

    kbayer Android Enthusiast

    I still have my Nokia N95... it's still among the best camerphones and takes incredible pictures. The video is "dvd-quality", but does ok in low-light situations. I compared the Droid vs N95 after reading your post. These two clips are at the same time in the same setting and the N95 did well, but seems a bit grainy. The Droid is clearer, but as you said, quite dark. Hopefully an adjustment or fix can be provided in a future update.

    Otherwise, my Droid takes pretty good (really good) pictures and shoots great video in well lighted or outdoor environments.

    YouTube - Moto Droid test video semi-dark

    YouTube - Nokia N95 semi-dark video test
  3. DigiPimp

    DigiPimp Newbie
    Thread Starter

    that video shows it fairly well and i've seen others that show it even better. even in perfectly good ambient light if you face the camera away from the light it goes almost completely dark. makes me want the eris back.
  4. kbayer

    kbayer Android Enthusiast

    Exactly -- the transitions sometimes seem to go the opposite of what would seem to be correct...

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