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Droid Maxx Battery Life as Promised?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Old Member, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. chrisv79

    chrisv79 Member

    Yesterday was my heaviest use yet. Quite pleased.

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  2. 2010 ZR1

    2010 ZR1 Android Enthusiast

    I've been playing ingress almost non-stop so I've been getting low petty regularly, but never really been lower than 14%. Anyone else playing Ingress?
  3. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    I had my worst battery day yesterday. I was away from home for all but the last four hours (out of 17 unplugged) so off WiFi most of the day. I navigated for 90 minutes, mostly through rural Maine and NH, without plugging in. (The phone was slightly warm when I was done; certainly not blistering hot, like all previous Android phones were when navigating.) I then was on a scenic train ride for 5.5 hours, with about 4 hours of that without signal, with the phone searching.

    When I arrived after 90 minutes of navigation, the phone was at 79% battery left. When the train ride was halfway through, after two plus hours of searching for signal, it had 59% battery left.

    I should note that on the return train ride, I kept checking to see if I had a signal yet, and never did. Finally, when I passed a ski area, where I knew there should be at least some signal, I still had none; I flipped the phone to airplane mode, then quickly toggled airplane mode off, and I had a signal right away. I think that there may be an issue with the phone regaining a signal after it has lost it for a while, because my wife was able to text with her feature phone while the Maxx supposedly had no signal.

    Anyway, I then drove home (though without navigating) for 2.5 hours, half of that through rural NH, where I am sure the cell service was at least a little spotty. I then caught up with messages, twitter feed, and Facebook and Google+ when I got home (on WiFi). I went to bed after 17 hours off power with 29% battery life left. I had 3 hours screen on time by the time I plugged in at bedtime.

    I think this about the worst my phone will face. I am a bit concerned about no regaining the signal without toggling airplane mode, but it's great to know that I can get through a day, no matter what, without a power source. I never could have done this with any of my other Android phones (though, to be fair, I could have swapped batteries, or charged while I was driving home, etc.)
  4. Sauk

    Sauk Newbie


    Not sure if this great or even good. I had my screen at 50% all day.

    I will add at my house I get maybe one or two bars on LTE. So maybe that is draining it quicker even if I am on Wi-Fi

    I have to ask how the heck you got 8 hours on yours.

    That's crazy

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  5. 2010 ZR1

    2010 ZR1 Android Enthusiast

    Make sure that if you are not using the phone to keep it gave down. It will keep the active display from lighting up every minute. The screen only looks like a lot because you haven't used any other apps for a long time (>10-15) minutes.
  6. Sauk

    Sauk Newbie

    Well I know get closer to seven hours of screen time. Amazing battery
  7. Sauk

    Sauk Newbie

    Well today I had over 8 hours of screen time. Crazy battery life
  8. -=Jeff=-

    -=Jeff=- Android Expert

    How hot did it get? I am thinking of using my next phone to Hotspot in my car so my App radio (with either my older RAZR MAXX or Android PC) connected to it for data.. this way I can leave an android device in the car all the time
  9. -=Jeff=-

    -=Jeff=- Android Expert

    so far it seems the battery what they say.. I did not use my phone much yesterday.. maybe 45min of talking on the phone:

  10. jaydotelloh

    jaydotelloh Android Enthusiast

    I need to stop looking at this thread. I'm sitting here with my Gnex with 12% battery, 11.5 hours since a full charge and only 45 min of screen on time :(.

    This just convinced me to get the MAXX once the price drops a bit.
  11. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    My worst battery life yet. This is from Saturday. 18 hours, 19% battery left. Only 1 hour 50 minutes of screen time. I did some navigation for about 15 minutes, but you'll notice a deep drop from about 50% to about 20% in about two hours. This was when I was sitting in a restaurant with a bad data signal - usually in this place, it keeps flipping between weak 3G and weak 1xRTT, though I wasn't actually watching the phone at the time.

    But, sitting in a great restaurant in a rural area with a very weak signal can really affect your battery life. If this had been my last phone, it would have died in my pocket.

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  12. Outatime

    Outatime Android Expert

    Yeah... I'm going to say signal is the problem there. Right now I'm sitting at 51% charge, 16h 59m of on time. Screen at 2h 30m. My GNex would be dead right now.

    That was on WiFi almost the entire time.
  13. SNeitzel

    SNeitzel Android Enthusiast

    So I always thought my phone use was moderate to heavy. But comparing my MAXX battery life to others here, maybe I'm on the light side.

    For the past 3 full charges, I am getting well over 3 days of use. No typo there 3 DAYS.

    With my Bionic and the extended battery, I would normally be between 30 and 40% by the end of the day. Less than that if I used GPS.

    Overall, I am completely amazed by the battery on this phone.

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  14. mattbrich

    mattbrich Lurker

    Cool! What was your screen time?
  15. SNeitzel

    SNeitzel Android Enthusiast

    2nd screenshot, 5 h 34 min 59 sec
  16. Sauk

    Sauk Newbie

    It is funny but since I got this phone and look at the battery a few times I really don't even pay attention to it anymore because I don't have to worry about it
  17. mahers

    mahers Android Expert

    I don't get how you would consider yourself a moderate to heavy user if you only had 5.5 hours of screen time over three days. I use at least that on a daily basis and need to charge each night before bed, with the battery down to anywhere from 20-40%, depending on how much I used it. And I don't (or at least didn't) consider myself a heavy user
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  18. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    To be honest, if I had my screen on for more than a third of my time that I am awake, I'd consider myself a heavy user. I'm typically around 2 hours a day, and I consider that moderate use.
  19. mahers

    mahers Android Expert

    What can I say? I play lots of WWF. :rolleyes:
  20. SNeitzel

    SNeitzel Android Enthusiast

    Thus, my thinking that I need to reconsider my usage definition. ;)

    Between 1 and 1.5 GB data per month, around 4500 messages per month, probably 100 email per day.
  21. robersml

    robersml Newbie

    Terrible battery life. 39% drained 5 1/2 hrs off (7.09/hr drain tonight) Screen on for 1:23 38secs

    Turned location off & still attrocious. Am running Straight Talk w/Tmobile sim with constantly low signal strength, -105 atm
  22. inkdesigner

    inkdesigner Member

    If I had to guess, I would say your low signal strength is the cause of your less than stellar battery life. With a poor signal, the phone is "working harder" to find and maintain the signal, thus using more battery.

    During the week, I work in a building with spotty coverage and find my battery drain is worse than on the weekends when I am at home with a rock solid signal.

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