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Droid Maxx Bug Reports and Problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Old Member, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I thought it would be nice to have a place to list any bugs or problems with the Maxx as they arise.

    Use this thread to list any bugs or problems. Sometimes they aren't bugs at all, they are features you're not sure how to use and they come across as bugs, other times they are in fact bugs that should be reported.

    I have a spot on my display near the bottom right of the screen that I can see two small dark spots under the glass. I can only see them when the screen is off and only when I tilt it to see the glass in the reflection. They look like a snake bite. I used a dead pixel app and can't see any dead pixels. Just wondering what it is and what caused it. I also may take it into Verizon to have them look at it prior to my 14 days to make sure that it's documented that it is there from the beginning.

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  2. swany1970

    swany1970 Lurker

    SMS and MMS are not getting ring tones. Vibrate does work though. I went thru all sound settings in the main settings menu and within the text app. Sounds are all on but no go. I'm trying not to do a hard reset because it took me so long to set it up and download personal files etc
  3. swany1970

    swany1970 Lurker

    Found the issue. Text messages are tied to the notification volume in the settings app. So check settings > volumes > notifications. Cheers!
  4. swany1970

    swany1970 Lurker

    Changed the default notification tone back to none. Back to normal now. Thanks for the help!
  5. Outatime

    Outatime Android Expert

    I find it weird that the phone volume and the notification volume don't have a "lock" option so they would work in sync. They're independent of each other.

    If you set a reminder, it says something to the effect that "to edit your reminders go to Settings > My Stuff." I cannot find "My Stuff."

    I wish that when you're using the hands free for texting it would automatically send your texts. Perhaps a way to manually turn on car mode?

    Using the camera to take pictures of a camp fire at night is virtually useless. I don't know if it's that clear pixel tech or what, but you get a HORRIBLE red/purple vignette that flickers with the fire. I know this is not your every day use for a camera so I won't complain too much, just something I noticed. I did try HDR on and off and it didn't change the result.
  6. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    It's in Google Now. Either activate Google Now with the widget, or long-press home and drag up to the "Google" circle. Then scroll to the bottom, press the three dot menu on the right, next to "Show more cards", and settings->my stuff.
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  7. Outatime

    Outatime Android Expert

    FOUND IT!! Thank you!!
  8. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I'm not sure if you've noticed but Verizon has added MULTIPLE phone numbers into your phone book. When you try to delete them it gives you a notification that says you can not delete these numbers but you can hide them. The numbers were, data check, upgrade check, verizon, tech help, etc.

    I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO particular about my phone book. Every contact has to have pictures and a purpose to be there. When I was editing my contacts last night I found them.

  9. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Have you tried recording in 1080p and touching the screen while it's recording to take photos? Might get a better result. Just a thought. Let me know if it works.
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  10. mistermojorizi

    mistermojorizi Android Enthusiast

    1. vibrate mode on this phone is like "force vibrate for every app!" rather than "turn sounds off and keep vibration preferences per app" (how it was on stock rooted unlocked android). I don't want my gmail or my freaking tapa talk to vibrate. ever. Also, the vibration patterns themselves are different. There's no long dash vibrate. Just patterns of dot vibrate.

    2. bluetooth audio is...touchy. if i'm listening to BTA, and it's working, i just leave it alone. trying to do touchless control sometimes messes the BTA music up. Also, navigation sounds sometimes don't come through the BTA. Although they did after turning notification sounds up (wtf?).
  11. Lucky Armpit

    Lucky Armpit Android Enthusiast

    Hey, Verizon had to make up for the lack of branding on the front of the phone somehow... ;) All joking aside, it makes me think that Verizon has raised the control freak bar to another level if they don't let you delete phone numbers. I'm sure there are bookmarks that can't be deleted either. :mad:
  12. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands

    Try light flow. It might be able to help with individual notifications even though we have no light on this phone... I loved it with my RAZR.
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  13. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    In People, hit the menu. Contacts to display. Hit customize. Turn off preset contacts.
  14. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    thanks!!! :)
  15. Outatime

    Outatime Android Expert

    I have not tried that, but I will! Thanks :D

    Edit: This is good of a place to ask as any and I don't want to start a whole new thread... I guess that 50 gigs of Google Drive for two years was a rumor? I haven't seen a thing about it.
  16. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    I believe that's for the Moto X only. The Droids get the Google Music deal.
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  17. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Moto X users will get an extra 50GB free Google Drive storage
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  18. Outatime

    Outatime Android Expert

    I could have sworn someone posted in the pre release X thread that the deal extended to the Droid line too. No big deal I guess was just wondering. Thanks guys :)
  19. Outatime

    Outatime Android Expert

    Boy am I having a weird problem I cannot solve.

    It started last night using the hands free voice activation in the car. I did have the Driving Assist thing turned on. When I was using the "Ok Google Now" command and sending my wife a text, she was getting it twice. It was only showing on my text app as going out once. So I tried disabling the Driving Assist, and it still did it.

    I fussed with settings all night last night and couldn't come up with a solution. Since I'm not that far into having it set up, I figured I'd do a factory reset and see if it corrects the problem. I sent texts last night using hands free, and it worked perfectly.

    I did not turn Driving Assist on at all. I didn't even go into the program.

    This morning driving to work, I texted her using hands free, double texts again. If I'm in the text message app and click the mic on the keyboard, it works fine. If I use "Ok Google Now" she's getting two texts.

    I have no idea what to try next.

    P.S. Factory reset on this thing wipes EVERYTHING. Even the stuff you have in memory (songs, pics, etc.).
  20. Penguissimo

    Penguissimo Android Enthusiast

    With Active Notifications turned on, does the screen seem to randomly activate for anyone else? I know it's supposed to activate when you take the phone out of your pocket or off the desk, but it seems to blink the screen on and off every few seconds at random if it's just sitting there on the desk. Did I get a unit with a bad accelerometer/proximity sensor, or is it just a bit sensitive to vibrations?
  21. Outatime

    Outatime Android Expert

    I think if you have an active, unread notification it will continue to pulse.
  22. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I believe that it is sensitive to vibrations.
  23. Maxx resting on my computer table (wood) ... drop something on other end of table ... sometimes the Maxx will wake up. Vibrations are passed along from one spot but not another.

    ... Thom
  24. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    The double text problem is a known bug in Google Now, apparently. You either live with it and wait for Google to fix it, or you don't use Google Now to send texts.
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  25. dirtyjerz

    dirtyjerz Lurker

    I'm new to android and the forum but I'm having a problem with inconsistent sounds on my notifications. One minute it will work and then it just stops. Anyone else notice this?
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