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Droid Maxx long term battery issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by isp335, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. isp335

    isp335 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I was in the Verizon store today and the salesman told me that leaving a Maxx plugged into the charger overnight was bad for the battery and that I should buy a charger that you just set the phone on because it charges the battery to 100% and then shuts off. He said that Maxx users usually have battery issues after the first year of use. I haven't heard that you could overcharge batteries for a long time. Comments?

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  2. Welcome to Android Forums.

    From your Motorola Droid Maxx User's Guide ...

    Notes for charging your product’s battery:
    - During charging, keep your mobile device and charger near room temperature for efficient battery charging.
    - New batteries are not fully charged.
    - New batteries or batteries stored for a long time may take more time to charge.
    - Motorola batteries and charging systems have circuitry that protects the battery from damage from overcharging.

    Did he finagle a sale out of you?

    ... Thom
  3. isp335

    isp335 Lurker
    Thread Starter


  4. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    The salesman was wrong. Wireless charging is probably slightly worse for the battery, because the inefficiency of the wireless technology causes the battery to heat more while wireless charging than it does under USB charging. Heat is worse for batteries than leaving it plugged in while already fully charged.

    See Charging Batteries Without Wires – Battery University
  5. LizMac

    LizMac Android Enthusiast

    I have noticed my battery does not hold a charge quite as long as it did a year ago. But I just attribute that to age (! When did one year of an electronic device make it 'old') and frequent use.
  6. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Android Expert

    Same here but still better than anything else (other than my Nexus 7) that I've owned.
  7. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    It is the same for me. But I was just visiting family in NJ last week. Where I live I have a crappy Verizon signal - in fact, I have a network extender in the house - but where they live, the signal is excellent. I couldn't get my phone under 60% at the end of an 18 hour day while I was there, using it the same way I do here. That trends out to 45 hours.

    The thing is that my phone used to do that here last year...

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