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Droid Media Problem - HELP!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kadaver, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. Kadaver

    Kadaver Lurker
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    So i got the Droid the first day it came out, i was really happy. So it has been about 2 months?

    Well the problems started 3 weeks ago when i noticed whenever i move around the headphones inside the jack, the music stops or one of the ear buds stop working. so i thought it was the headphones since skullcandies don't last long. i got a new pair and listened again but it STILL HAPPENED :mad:. (btw, the phone is not rooted)

    The Phone still plays media fine without the headphones, so i thought no big deal. NEW PROBLEMS started to occur. The phone would NOT PLAY Media files whatsoever. (games, music, notifications, APPS :eek:) every time it happens i have to restart the phone.

    I'm really sad and this is my last chance before i maybe have to pay fees to get another Droid because I'm die hard music fan and cant live without it. PLEASE HELP

  2. DroidAddict

    DroidAddict Newbie

    Purely a guess on my part, but I know when I'm listening to Pandora and I pull my headphones out, the music stops instead of continuing to play through phone's speaker. Assuming this is a built in function, I would guess that your headphone port has been damaged and has a short. Therefore the phone is getting a disconnect signal and stopping the music.

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