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Droid Phone Haunted..Twice?? And Scary Poll Question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bandwagon1, Mar 5, 2016.


What's the scariest thing in your life right now?

  1. personal money requirements for today and tomorrow

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  2. the possibility of A.I. taking over/destroying humans

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  3. Donald Trump becoming President of U.S.

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  4. Hillary Clinton becoming President of U.S.

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  1. Bandwagon1

    Bandwagon1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ok, two very strange events.
    First, I am sitting on couch. My phone on the next cushion. NO PHYSICAL CONTACT, at all. The phone lights up, OPENS the Google Search, Types some words and then the phone is displaying many images of....get ready for it....


    I looked at my daughter, who also saw this. She says what we're both thinking.."Wtf". I pick up the phone, see the word Monkeys, blah, blah...I close the page. Look for anything else open, there is nothing open. So I leave the phone on home screen and set it down.
    Nothing else in that regard, BUT..

    about 36 hours later, the phone lights up, starts playing Pandora station that I listen to often. Now, it is possible I had left this program open and paused.
    But still, nothing like this has ever happened before or since.
    Does anyone have any ideas? Especially about the Google search? I don't use that very often and there is NO WAY that program was Hanging on my phone.

    We have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Surface Table, 2 Laptops and a PC Desk Top all on our home network, protected by Norton. Using Verizon Wireless and Comcast Internet if any of that is relevant.
    I appreciate any thoughts or ideas
    Also, please check out the poll about scary things.

  2. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    It's almost surely a false search from Moto Voice (or Google Search itself if you have activated "ok Google" voice support.)

    Have you turned on the Moto Voice feature? What is the custom phrase ? Do you have ok Google support from anywhere turned on in the Google search app?
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  3. It sounds like Touch less Control is misinterpreting some sounds as verbal commands that you are giving it.

    Unlike other phones the Turbo 2 will perform very much like OK Google Now without you ever touching it.

    My personal launch phrase is "OK Turbo".

    After it is trained, misfires very seldom happen.

    ... Thom
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  4. Bandwagon1

    Bandwagon1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks doogald and Thom for your replies. I hadn't even considered that. The phrase I use is "Ok Phone Listen"
    And interestingly, I was watching "12 Monkeys" on Hulu about that time. Funny I didn't put it together.

    One thing, my Turbo2 does not always respond to my custom phrase. I have to touch the moto button before I have it's attention and will process my voice commands.

    Thanks for making sense of it. It was really distracting!
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  5. I think you need to tweak your setup. The knowledgeable rep at you Verizon store ought to be able to help you.

    I ASSUME you went into the Moto app and did the setup there.

    Turbo 2 voice control is very well done.

    In Google search I go to settings / Voice / OK Google Now and only have the first option enabled.

    You also need a phrase that you would hardly ever use elsewhere. Mine is "OK Turbo".

    ... Thom
  6. mrdrh99

    mrdrh99 Well-Known Member

    X2 the voice issue.... I've had it happen very randomly and it wasn't me that started it.
  7. Gloria Wilson

    Gloria Wilson Newbie

    Enjoyed reading about your haunted phone....have had similar experiences with Amazon Echo., once in the middle of the night it work me up saying something. (now I know it tells me when Mediacom cable goes down etc. ) I now know not to activate voice search on phone. I am learning a lot from reading this board....

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