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Droid Pro Notifications

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bmkindoll, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. bmkindoll

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    Hello everyone. New Droid Pro owner here. Really liking the phone so far but have one complaint/question for you guys. I am coming from a Blackberry. And one of the great things about that phone was the notification system, and how you could set a different notification for every different type of message you were receiving. I am finding that with the Pro, the notification system kinda blows.

    I am wondering if there are any apps out there that tackle the notification shortfalls of the Droid Pro.

    On my old BB I had it set that for a SMS I would get 5 looong vibrations. For an email I would get 3 short vibrations. And for an IM I would get two medium length vibrations. Are there any alps that would allow me to have my Droid set up this way.

    And FYI, the reason this is kind of important to me is I work in a power plant. Its a very noisy environment. A lot of times the vibrations are the only feedback I have that I have a message. With the standard notifications the way they area really have no idea when I get a message. The vibrations themselves are so short, and the most number of vibrations that you can get at one time is 2!!

    If anybody can help me out I would really appreciate it very much.

    Thanks a lot.


  2. jpcalhoun

    jpcalhoun Lurker

    Brandon...there are a number of apps in the Android Market that may help you. I don't personally use one of them, but I have seen them recommended to others. Recommend you do a search for "notifications". Someone else on the forum may be able to give you a specific apps name. Good luck.

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