Nov 16, 2009
Its really starting to piss me off. At times my droid gets laggy, glitches when scrolling phone book or text messages. Its lagging on some websites now. If I batterypull its speeds it up then lags after a few days. How can I fix this asap?
You probably want to use Advanced Task Killer (or something similar) to remove extraneous background processes if you use a lot of apps. It may also help to clear caches for certain apps, such as the browser, once in a while.
I use taskiller when this happens, and it clears up the issue, even though "linux doesn't need that."

Also, hit alt+shift+del to soft reboot rather than a battery pull.

I've tried alt+shift+del many times and it nothing ever happens? Do you have to hold it down for a certain period of time or enable something in the settings?