Help Droid Problems: Screen Blank/Email Lockup Etc.


I've had my Droid for three days - I really see some potential with this device, like how I can customize it, like the notifications, like the power widget, etc. But there are some very basic issues that worry me - anyone have any thoughts/input?

1. Screen blanked after 15-20 minute phone call. I used the device as a phone (not handsfree) but when the conversation was over the screen was blank and I had no way to end the call. I could see my notification button blinking and at times the BACK/MENU/HOME/SEARCH keys illuminated but nothing I did would bring back the screen. I had to pull the battery out to get it to work again. I set the display timeout to "NEVER" and hope this keeps the screen active. Very frustrating.

2. I have two gmail accounts, one is set up in the gmail app, one in the email app. The one set up in the email app locks up a lot, maybe half the time. An alert pops up to ask me if I want to close the non-responsive app, which I do. I also had 5 emails in that today but never got the notification. Not sure about that one....I'm pretty sure it worked before.

3. Numerous times when the screen is vertical and I'm trying to get the Android keyboard I simply cannot select the text field. I have to turn it or even slide out the keyboard to get it to work.

4. Oddly enough, I went to post about my screen lock problem from the Droid itself but I could not stay logged into these forums. I'd get logged in and write the post but when I submitted it would say I wasn't logged in.

I have very few things installed from the Market, but I can list them if something might be interfering.

I would also like to know how to turn off the data manually but still have texts and phone calls work.

Thanks for any input you have and your patience with these newbie questions. :)
I have had the SAME problem when I am on the phone. I can't end the call b/c the screen won't light up and show me the END button. I think I swore at it one day out of frustration and the person was STILL on the line! Not cool.