Droid Randomly Resetting


Got my first Droid last Wed. and put a few apps on it and the phone would reset itself. It did this while on a call, texting, using the browser and even when not in use and it was just sitting next to me. I took it back to Verizon and they gave me a second Droid. The new one does the same thing. I deleted all my apps and did a hard reset and it still does it. Took it back to Verizon, but couldn't get it to reset while I was there. Of course after I got home it did it several more times. I even woke up during the night and saw the phone coming back on from a random reset. Anyone else have the same problem? Anyone know what might be causeing this or how to fix it?
My Droid reset itself once yesterday. Since that was the first time it has ever done it, I'm being kinda forgiving. If it does it again though, back to Verizon I go. I don't know why they reset them selves I just know it's annoying as hell. Anyways, good luck in finding your answer.:D