Only if it has a Maxx battery. Never going back to itty bitty battery land again.

Knowing Moto, it will not have the maxx battery. They will sell it at the same price as the Maxx, but with a smaller battery. Otherwise, they will have to lower the price of the Maxx to ~ $199 to $249, in order to sell the HD MAXX at $299 with contract. They then would have to lower the regular Razr to ~$99 to $149. So I expect them to have the Razr at $199, MAXX at $299 and Razr HD with smaller battery at $299.
Why $299 for the Maxx? I bought mine about a month ago and on VZ website it was $249 with a two year contact. I went to the store and they gave it to me at the same price.
Its $299 under contract right now. Check their website. The razr with 32gb is $249.

And the 16 GB Razr is $199. I could easily see VZW doing the same price point drops if a "new" Razr type model came out. The Razr is will be 6 months old minimum by the time the next big thing hits, and they should have Maxx supply Unger control by then too.

What would be typical is releasing a bunch of hot new phones with insufficient stock .