Help droid razr lock issues

Hello all!
I just got my motorola droid razr about 4 days now, and I just noticed that it keeps on locking by itself. When I try unlock it, I can do whatever I was doing before for about 5 seconds before it locks again.
What is the cause of this? It's so annoying!:thinking:

Thanks :)


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Make sure in pocket detection is disabled in display settings. Makes phone act wonky. I use an app called battery indicator pro that has a screen lock toggle feature. Might help you. Its still new so a return is always doable also.


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Check your Smart Actions as well. I had one for a while that locked the phone 10 seconds after a missed call. Took me a while to figure out what was going on.


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Thankyou to everyone for your suggestions!
I will try out all of the suggesitons, if someone thing still goes wrong ill re-post. XD