Help Droid Restarting

My Droid has randomly restart itself the past days...any ideas as to waht could be causing this?


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Need more info... Are you rooted and over clocked? any recent changes> ie... rom, kernal, apps, use, conditions.... my best guess is temp/too much over clock. but if you can give more to go on, we could help more..


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Not rooted or anything. It usually restarts when I am not using it. It will be sitting out and randomly restart not even after heavy use or anything for the day


My Droid does that seems to have calmed down a bit, but it was also just "self" rebooting. My phone is not rooted and is running 2.2. Frustrating


Can you remember that last app that was installed or updated before this started happening? I had this problem a while back with More Icons widget, as I'd heard it had some trouble. After removing it and seeing the problem disappear, I emailed the Dev and he cleared it up in short order.