Dec 10, 2009
Ok, everyone,
this is a new one for me. Just purchased in last week a Motorola Droid 2.0. All of a sudden this evening the screen light on the phone went dark. I mean no screen even though the phone is on and it is plugged in. there was battery life to it too before it went dark. I can''t get it back on, even if i turn the phone completely off and try again. However, the green light flashes. Sometimes the lower keyboard will light up for 2 seconds and then that too goes dark.
any suggestions?
Hello dharma...

Go look for the thread "droid will not turn on". There is a long-ish discussion of this problem. Most people (including me) solve by removing battery for a few seconds then replacing it. Turn on, droid re-boots, problem solved... At least temporarily... I speculate about app memory leaks over time causing the problem, but no one seems to have a definitive answer.
god I hope this doesn't happen to me..
screen going blank now can be a precursor to an irreparable problem in the future

I'd definitely exchange it
Apparantly that doesn't help... In the other thread people did return their droids only to discover the new one had the same problem. I had a Treo for YEARS that had a similar problem every once in a while (like once a month) for all the years I had it. Removing the battery also solved that problem and there never were other issues as a result so I'm not too worried about it unless it starts happening every day. Likely this is some sort of OS or app memory leak issue and if we're lucky, Motorola will address it soon enough or the guilty app will get an update, etc. Meanwhile I'm having way to much fun with this gadget and few enough problems -- compared to the horror stories I've heard about the new Palm Pre for example.
Thanks much for your advise and info on other link.
I was so tired and disgusted last evening (4am) I finally unplugged the phone and went to bed, knowing when I awoke, the battery would be dead. Sure enough, 11:30am, I checked. the battery fully dead (no green light flashing), so I plugged the phone in and whala! phone comes on and screen light is back.

I am definately going to check it out at the phone store just to make sure and since the 2.01 is out maybe I can get it exhanged too at the same time. The battery goes dead after 8hrs whether I am usig the phone or not too, so that is another problem. even after i have dismantled everything to keep the battery charged longer.:eek:

Anyway, thanks for your quick response. I like this phone too much to completely part with a Droid, so hope as you say, Motorola can fix the bug/s. I will put in a word to them also.

I believe there is another link too on forum about batteries and will check it out also.