Droid vs Delve

I'm not crazy about my Delve and want to get a Droid, but I'm worried the Droid will have the same problems.

1. I use several automated phone systems where I need the screen lit and the numerical pad on for quite some time. The Delve options are 7 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and always. In most cases, 30 isn't long enough and always drains the battery. How does the Droid compare?

2. The one thing I actually like about the Delve is that I can turn the volume up to max and use it like speakerphone, without actually using the speakerphone option. It's loud enough that I can hear it, but someone across the room can't. It seems the Droid has some sort of sensor near the earpiece. Is that going to make it impossible to use, holding it in front of my face or putting on my desk, without using the speakerphone?

3. I often cradle the phone between my ear & shoulder. Several people have complained that the Droid screen is too sensitive and their face ends up dialing, hitting mute, hanging up, etc. Has that problem been resolved?

4. I use my Delve a lot, and I noticed that after about 4 months, the screen got out of alignment. I had to tap above or beside what I really wanted to touch. It has gotten worse with time. I will say that I like being able to use a fingernail to dial on the Delve. My understanding is that Droid screen works more like an iPod Touch, which means you can't use a nail (or stylus) but must use flesh. Is that right? Do those screens tend to get out of alignment?

Having came to the Droid from a Delve, I can tell you that I am 100% satisfied with my decision. Like you, I was not happy with the Delve for a variety of reasons, although most of mine were with the lack of ability to customize, lack of useful widgets, browser, etc.
1.) The screen timeout options for the Droid are 15sec, 30sec, 1min, 2min(mine is set at 2min), 10 min, and 30 min. Although I cannot comment on battery life during long voice calls, as voice calls seems to be my least used feature so far :), I can say the battery life has been sufficient even when using the browser and other apps heavily.

2.) Although in a quiet room when I tested the loudness of the speaker without being on "speakerphone", I was able to hear the other person pretty easily, but so you know, you can change the volume of the speaker phone as well.

2./3.)The function of the sensor while in a call (someone correct me if I am wrong or missing something) is to shut off the screen when it is near your ear. When you move the phone away from your ear the screen comes back on and you are able to access the dialpad, speaker phone, etc. It should not affect you holding it away from your face or placing on a desk, whether you are in speaker phone or not as the screen will stay on.
If you cradle the phone between your ear and shoulder, the sensor should shut off the screen, keeping you from mistakenly hanging up, muting, etc. I believe there have been some issues with the sensors not working properly, and usually exchanging the phone will fix the issue. I can say that my wife (switched from a Delve to Droid as well) has issues with the screen not shutting off and hanging up occasionally, but whenever I have used her phone I have no issues, so it may be all in how you hold it. On a side note, I believe the sensor is also used to automatically change the screen's brightness, if you have that option selected.

4.) I don't recall ever having my screen go out of alignment on the delve, but have had it do so on other smartphones (HTC 6800) but there was a way to re-align the screen. I have not seen such an option on the Droid, but nobody has had the phone for much over a month, so I think it would be a surprise to everyone of the screen does go out of alignment.

I would say you would be Very Happy switching to the Droid, It does so much more than the delve, and does better everything that the delve did. Hope this helps.


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Also forgot to mention that no, i do not believe you can use a fingernail or stylus, has to be a finger...

As far as the stylus goes, there are some made specifically for capacitive touch screens. I can't comment as to how well they work simply because I don't think one is needed for the Droid and I'd just lose it within a few days anyway since the Droid has no where to store it. :D


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I would say you would be Very Happy switching to the Droid, It does so much more than the delve, and does better everything that the delve did. Hope this helps.

Well I hope you're right because we just went to the Verizon store and got a pair of them. I guess I will spend the afternoon figuring out how to use it.

BTW, thanks for the thorough answer.