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For a project I am researching the best GPS system for a company that has a fleet of vehicles hired six days a week. I have been researching the Droid as a possible choice because one of the requirements is cell phone compatibility. Unfortunately, there isn't very much information on the Android Google GPS and other features that I am looking at.

Therefore, I was wondering if anyone here had insider info and could inform me about the droid's capabilities in the following areas.

tracking device for fleet managers
furnishing data for improving delivery routes
eliminating unauthorized use of fleet vehicles
decreasing fuel costs

Thank you for your help!


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There are quite a few apps out there that can do tracking. I dont know which to use, because I dont use them.

However I am sure that someone could easly make an app just for your company, that would do everything you want it to do.

They may charge a fee for doing it, but it doesnt seem like it would be to hard to do.

I would talk to the folks over at XDA xda-developers - Powered by vBulletin there are alot of people there that might be able to help with the app.

One thing I will mention is some people have had issues with Droid/Hero GPS being accurate. I dont think its a widespread issue but it is worth letting you know. I use a G1 and have never had GPS issues. I even Geocache with mine.

Hope that helps some.


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Google Nav and Maps are not GPS tracking solutions. The Droid isn't designed for tracking out of the box (I can't think of many devices that are). You really need to look into GPS tracking apps for whatever platforms you're considering.

One thing I will mention is some people have had issues with Droid/Hero GPS being accurate.
I haven't read every thread but in many cases people aren't enabling GPS. Triangulation will, of course, be much less accurate than GPS.

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One option that you could look into is Google's Latitude service. It works as a layer on the Droid's map app and the phone's location can be tracked on a computer (or another Droid) remotely.

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What you could do is use an app called "GPS Status" free off the Android Market.

It provides live and accurate tracking via their website InstaMapper - Free Real-Time GPS Tracking , It supports Live tracking of Multiple devices all at once through one simply display on their site , It even logs the tracks of the Device/Devices. Oh and can easily manually activated by a simple sms.

I would recommend this app purely for the Tracker. I would Advise you contact them via their website if your interested in using this corporately as they may offer more tailored/more options and / or have rules using it commercially.

Your Staff could even use Androids free Google Nav {on various devices} to find the cheapest routes {Petrol wise} and navigate to their destination easily

I hope this helps

I think that using a handset for fleet tracking, you run the risk of a battery running low or the chance that one of your employees will turn it off- defeating the purpose of using it.
I found a cheap company that does fleet tracking www.foxtraxgps.com.
For personal use I think the Droids GPS is second to none!