Droid with XLink or Dock-n-Talk gateway?


Has anyone tried using the Droid, or any Android based phone, with the Bluetooth enabled XLink or Dock-n-Talk devices that provide a gateway between your cell phone and your old copper wiring based home phones?
I just bought the HTC Incredible phone and I cannot get mine to link with my Xlink. When I set it to pair with it, the phone just sits there pairing. I might get a message that there is a problem connecting to it or I may not get message.
Did you ever get yours to connect to it? Did you find out any other solutions to getting it to connect?


I have the exact same issue as isethruu62. The Incredible just sits there and says its pairing. My HTC Touch Pro 2 (Windows) worked with the XLink perfectly until I replaced it with the Incredible this week. I also just updated the XLink firmware, but I'm getting the same result.

When I first turn on bluetooth and tell the Incredible to seach for devices, it finds the XLink and brings up the screen to enter the pairing code. As soon as I enter the first zero "0", that screen disappears, and I get the error "paired but not connected".

Any ideas? Thanks.