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Support droid x 2 no service frozen screen

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cocorealtor, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. cocorealtor

    cocorealtor New Member
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    Dec 5, 2011
    out of the blue phone locks up...powers down forever then just the notification light..then the notification sound...screen is locked solid...it is stuck on wrong date and time...i did remove the battery and try that route..screen came on and said no service..screen was also still frozen so I cant do anything... I hear the phone receiving messages and even ringing but cant do anything with it...HELP...


  2. Welcome to the forums, cocorealtor.

    That's some pretty crappy behavior out of an X2. I'd go ahead with a factory data reset (not rooted, are you?).

    If you can get to the menu, go to "privacy" and select factory data reset.

    If not, shut the device down and do the following:

    With the device shut down, press and hold the volume down key while holding the power key down.. wait until the small white letters "fastboot" prompt comes up, then release both at once; it'll take a good 5 full seconds and you'll see the Motorola logo come up first, continue holding both keys until that "fastboot" prompt is there above the red Motorola "M."

    Then release both keys and press the volume down key seven times, at which time you'll see "android recovery," then press volume up once to select it. Wait again a few seconds, then you'll see the little Android robot and a white triangle with exclamation point.

    Now press both volume up and volume down at the same instant and you'll be in the recovery menu. Use volume down to highlight "wipe data/factory reset."

    Then press the power button to start the process.

    This is only to be done if not rooted. It should restore things to normalcy once finished.

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